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84075 Die Ausgrabung der Kreuze  Die Ausgrabung der Kreuze   1603-1605 Medium Oil on copper Dimensions ca. 15 x 16 cm cyf
73523 Die Verspottung der Ceres  Die Verspottung der Ceres   Date 17th century Medium Oil on copper Dimensions 30 x 25 cm cyf
40410 Flight into Egypt  Flight into Egypt   mk156 1609 Oil on copper 31x41cm
81602 Flucht nach Agypten  Flucht nach Agypten   1609 Medium Oil on copper Dimensions 31 x 42 cm cyf
45476 Jupiter and Merkur in Philemon and building c sharp  Jupiter and Merkur in Philemon and building c sharp   mk186 around 1809/10 Dresden
82060 Landschaft mit badender Nymphe  Landschaft mit badender Nymphe   ca. 1600(1600) Medium Oil on copper Dimensions 14 x 20 cm cyf
83035 Predigt Johannes des Taufers  Predigt Johannes des Taufers   1600(1600) Medium Oil on copper Dimensions 39 x 55 cm (15.4 x 21.7 in) cyf
43137 The Baptism of Christ  The Baptism of Christ   mk170 1598-1600 Oil on canvas 28.1x21cm
86605 The Flight into Egypt  The Flight into Egypt   1609(1609) Medium Oil on copper cyf
55739 The Flight to Egypt  The Flight to Egypt   mk244 1609 Oil on canvas 31x41cm
33617 The Glorification of the Cross  The Glorification of the Cross   mk86 c.1605 Oil on copper 48.5x36cm Frankfut am Main Stadelsches Kunstinstitut
23286 The Stoning of Saint Stephen (nn03)  The Stoning of Saint Stephen (nn03)   c 1602/5 Oil on copper 34.6 cm 13 5/8 x 11 1/4 in National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh

Adam Elsheimer
1578-1610 German Adam Elsheimer Locations German painter, printmaker and draughtsman, active in Italy. His small paintings on copper established him after his brief life as the most singular and influential German artist to follow Derer. Their grand conception in terms of monumental figures and poetic landscape and their meticulous, miniature-like execution were admired by Rubens and came to influence many 17th-century artists, including Rembrandt. Most were produced in Rome after 1600: the limits of this oeuvre and its chronology are extremely hard to establish.

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