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44928 Portrat Eleonore of yard man  Portrat Eleonore of yard man   mk184 around 1903 oils on Lwd 121.5x68.5cm Bez. u. l Dora Hitz
38640 Sleeping Shepherd Lad  Sleeping Shepherd Lad   mk138 1871-73 Marble 105x68x106cm
44929 Wine harvest  Wine harvest   mk184 ca. 1910 oils on Lwd 138x174cm Bez. u, l Dora/Hitz

Adolf von Hildebrand
1847 Marburg-1921 Munich, He was a sculptor, the son of Marburg economics professor Bruno Hildebrand. He was the author of Das Problem der Form in der Bildenden Kunst ("The Problem of Form in Painting and Sculpture"). From 1873 he lived in Florence in San Francesco, a secularized sixteenth-century monastery. In 1877 he married Irene Schäuffelen. He spent significant time in Munich after 1889 executing a monumental fountain there, the Wittelsbacher Brunnen. He is known for five monumental urban fountains. He was ennobled by the King of Bavaria in 1904, He was the father of the painter Eva, Elizabeth, sculptor Irene Georgii-Hildebrand, Sylvie, Bertele, and Catholic theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand.

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