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24330 A Soul Brought to Heaven (mk26)  A Soul Brought to Heaven (mk26)   Oil on canvas 180x275cm Musee du Perigord
24351 Admiration (mk26)  Admiration (mk26)   Oil on canvas 147.3x198.1cm
24318 Arion on a Seahorse (mk26)  Arion on a Seahorse (mk26)   Oil on canvas 71x112cm
24319 Bacchante on a Panther (mk26)  Bacchante on a Panther (mk26)   Oil on canvas 71x112cm
54029 Bathers  Bathers   mk235 1884 Oil on canvas 200.7x129cm
30835 Birth of Venus  Birth of Venus   mk68 Oil on canvas Paris,Orsay Museum 1879 France
24382 Charity (mk26)  Charity (mk26)   Oil on canvas 1930x115.6cm
89136 Child at Bath  Child at Bath   1886. Oil on canvas. 1886 cjr
24358 Child at Bath (mk26)  Child at Bath (mk26)   Oil on canvas 83.5x61.6cm
24359 Childhood Idyll  (mk26)  Childhood Idyll (mk26)   Oil on canvas 99.4x127.8cm Denver Art Museum.
24365 Dans le bois (mk26)  Dans le bois (mk26)   Oil on canvas 152.4x107.9cm Photograph courtesy Christie's Images
24369 Evening Mood (mk26)  Evening Mood (mk26)   Oil on canvas 207.5x108cm
24383 First Caresses (mk26)  First Caresses (mk26)   Oil on canvas 190x127.5cm Lyndhurst,a museum property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
24341 Fraternal Love (mk26)  Fraternal Love (mk26)   Oil on canvas 147x113.8cm Gift of the estate of Thoms Wigglesworth
24335 Girl (mk26)  Girl (mk26)   Oil on canvas 115.8x68.6cm
31309 Girl Defending Herself Against Love  Girl Defending Herself Against Love   nn07 44.1 x 61.25 cm
71870 Grape Picker  Grape Picker   Date 1875(1875 Dimensions 140 x 63 cm (55.12 x24.8 in)
24331 Homer and His Guide (mk26)  Homer and His Guide (mk26)   Oil on canvas 208.9x142.9
51787 Idyii  Idyii   mk221 1852 Oil on cavnas 84.5x63.5cm
24326 Idyll:Family from Antiquity (nn04)  Idyll:Family from Antiquity (nn04)   Oil on canvas 59.7x48.3cm Gift of Charles E.Gross in memory of his brother W.H.Gross,
24327 Indiget Family (mk26)  Indiget Family (mk26)   Oil on canvas, Biringham Museums and Art Gallery
51788 Jhe War  Jhe War   mk221 1864 Oil on canvas 83.9x105.5cm
24322 L'amitie (mk26)  L'amitie (mk26)   Oil on canvas 269.2x149.9cm U.S.Embassy,Paris
24320 L'amour (mk26)  L'amour (mk26)   Oil on canvas 269.2x149.9cm U.S.Embassy,Paris
24317 La danse (mk26)  La danse (mk26)   Oil on canvas 367x180cm Msee d'Orsay,Paris, Photograph courtesy Lauros-Giaudon
24321 La fortune (mk26)  La fortune (mk26)   Oil on canvas 269.2x149.9cm U.S.Embassy Paris
24380 Lart et la litterature Art and Literature (mk26)  Lart et la litterature Art and Literature (mk26)   Oil on canvas 200x108cm
24344 Le jour des morts (mk26)  Le jour des morts (mk26)   Oil on canvas 147x120 Musee des Beaux-Arts,Bordeaux.
24388 Le pintemps (mk26)  Le pintemps (mk26)   1886 Oil on canvas 213.4x127cm Gift of Francis T.B.Martin
24387 Le ravissement de Psyche (mk26)  Le ravissement de Psyche (mk26)   Oil on canvas 209x120cm
24354 Little Marauders (mk26)  Little Marauders (mk26)   Oil on canvas 200.7x109.2cm
24349 Marguerite (mk26)  Marguerite (mk26)   Oil on canvas 63x22.5cm Museo deArte de Pooce
24348 Meditation (mk26)  Meditation (mk26)   Oil on canvas 86.4x132.1cm
81342 nude  nude   Date 1881(1881) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 81 5/8 x 42 1.4 inches cjr
24334 Nymphs and Satyr (mk26)  Nymphs and Satyr (mk26)   1873 Oil on canvas 260x180cm
24375 Orestes Pursued by the Furies (mk26)  Orestes Pursued by the Furies (mk26)   Oil on canvas 231.1x278.4cm The Chrysler Museum of Art.
24328 Pieta (mk26)  Pieta (mk26)  
81996 Portrait of Leonie Bouguereau  Portrait of Leonie Bouguereau   1850(1850) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 28.5 x 22.9 cm (11.2 x 9 in) cyf
24367 Portrait of Madame la Comtesse de Cambaceres (mk26)  Portrait of Madame la Comtesse de Cambaceres (mk26)   Oil on canvas 121x90cm
68782 Psyche  Psyche   Description Bouguereau-Psyche.jpg Psyche
70886 Psyche  Psyche   Description Bouguereau-Psyche.jpg Psyche
24338 Rest (mk26)  Rest (mk26)   1879 Oil on canvas 164.5x117.5cm
24340 Rest in Harvest (mk26)  Rest in Harvest (mk26)   1865 Oil on canvas 81.3x147.3cm The Philbrook Museum of Art,Tulsa,Oklahoma.Gift of Laura A.Clubb
24355 Return from the Harvest (mk26)  Return from the Harvest (mk26)   Oil on canvas 214.3x170.2cm
51871 Return of Spring  Return of Spring   mk222 1886 Joslyn Art Museum,Omaha,Nebraska
51791 Roman Beauty  Roman Beauty   mk221 1904 Oil on canvas 180.4x81.2cm
24325 Saint louis Caring for the Plague Victims (mk26)  Saint louis Caring for the Plague Victims (mk26)   Mural, 167x292cm Chapel of Saint Louis,in the church of Sainte-Clotilde. Photograph courtesy SOAE.Ville de Paris
24324 Saint Louis Renderingjustice (mk26)  Saint Louis Renderingjustice (mk26)   Mural, 167x292cm
24333 Seated Nude (mk26)  Seated Nude (mk26)   Oil on canvas 116.5x89.8cm
24372 Self-Portrait (mk26)  Self-Portrait (mk26)   Oil on canvas 46x38cm The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
24337 Sketch for Song of the Angels (mk26)  Sketch for Song of the Angels (mk26)   Oil on canvas 39.4x27.9cm
24352 Song of the Angels (mk26)  Song of the Angels (mk26)   Oil on canvas 213.4x152.4cm
70862 Spinner  Spinner   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 160 x 91.5 cm
24323 Spring (mk26)  Spring (mk26)   Oil on canvas 49.7x151.8cm
24384 Temptation (mk26)  Temptation (mk26)   Oil on canvas 97x130cm The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
24339 The Annunciation (mk26)  The Annunciation (mk26)   Oil on canvas 92.7x50.8cm
24357 The Bathers (mk26)  The Bathers (mk26)   Oil on canvas 201x129cm
10809 The Birth of Venus  The Birth of Venus   9' 10" x 7' 1 3/4" (300 x 218 cm), Salon of 1879.
40770 The Birth of Venus  The Birth of Venus   mk156 1879 Oil on canvas 303x216cm
54028 The Birth of Venus  The Birth of Venus   mk235 1879 300x215cm Oil on canvas
24342 The Broken Pitcher (mk26)  The Broken Pitcher (mk26)   Oil on canvas 133x85.5cm Fine Ars Museums of San Francisco. Gift of Young 53162
10903 The Dance  The Dance   1856, Salon of 1857, Part of Decorative ensemble for Anatole Bartholoni's private residence, 12' x 6' 1" (367 x 185 cm). Gift of Captain Peter Moore, 1981.
24345 The Elder Sister (mk26)  The Elder Sister (mk26)   Oil on panel 55.5x45.5cm The Brooklyn Museum 21.99.Bequest of William H.Herriman.
24386 The Flagellation of Christ (mk26)  The Flagellation of Christ (mk26)  
56949 The god of the forest with their fairy  The god of the forest with their fairy   mk250 Year in 1873. Oil on canvas, 259.1 centimeters high. Massachusetts Granville of the United States and Sri Lanka and the town of Sterling Clark Art Institute
70874 The Grape Picker  The Grape Picker   1875(1875) Oil on canvas 140 x 63 cm (55.12 x 24.8 in)
51790 The Lost Pleiad  The Lost Pleiad   mk221 1884 Oil on canvas 195.6x95.3cm
24356 The Nymphaeum (mk26)  The Nymphaeum (mk26)   Oil on canvas 144.8x209.5cm
24362 The Pet Bird (mk26)  The Pet Bird (mk26)   Oil on canvas 81.6x66.0
51789 The Reaper  The Reaper   mk221 Oil on canvas 179.1x115.9cm
24336 The Shell (mk26)  The Shell (mk26)   Oil on canvas 130.8x89.5cm
24346 The Shepherdess (mk26)  The Shepherdess (mk26)   Oil on canvas 65.1x87.63cm Gift of Mrs.William S.Ginn
24343 The Thank Offering (mk26)  The Thank Offering (mk26)   1867 Oil on canvas 147.2x107cm
24347 The Young Shepherdess (mk26)  The Young Shepherdess (mk26)   Oil on canvas,mounted on board 157.5x72.4cm
71735 Thirst  Thirst   Date 1886
24329 Vierge consolatrice (mk26)  Vierge consolatrice (mk26)   Les Musees de la Ville de Strasbourg
24353 Virgin adn Child (mk26)  Virgin adn Child (mk26)   Oil on canvas 176.5x103com
24350 Work Interrupted (mk26)  Work Interrupted (mk26)   Oil on canvas 163.5x100cm
24385 Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros (mk26)  Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros (mk26)   Oil on canvas 160.8cm
24332 Young Priestess (mk26)  Young Priestess (mk26)   Oil on canvas 181x81cm Memorial Art Gallery of thte University of Rochester. Gift of Paul T.White in memory of Josephine Kryl White 73.1
24316 Zenobia.found by shepherds on the Banks of the Araxes  (mk26)  Zenobia.found by shepherds on the Banks of the Araxes (mk26)   1850 Oil on canvas 147x113cm Ecole des Beaux-Arts,Paris

Adolphe William Bouguereau
Bouguereau made more than seven hundred finished works. French painter. From 1838 to 1841 he took drawing lessons from Louis Sage, a pupil of Ingres, while attending the coll?ge at Pons. In 1841 the family moved to Bordeaux where in 1842 his father allowed him to attend the Ecole Municipale de Dessin et de Peinture part-time, under Jean-Paul Alaux. In 1844 he won the first prize for figure painting, which confirmed his desire to become a painter. As there were insufficient family funds to send him straight to Paris he painted portraits of the local gentry from 1845 to 1846 to earn money. In 1846 he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, in the studio of Francois-Edouard Picot. This was the beginning of the standard academic training of which he became so ardent a defender later in life. Such early works as Equality reveal the technical proficiency he had attained even while still training. In 1850 he was awarded one of the two Premier Grand Prix de Rome for Zenobia Discovered by Shepherds on the Bank of the River Araxes (1850; Paris, Ecole N. Sup. B.-A.). In December 1850 he left for Rome where he remained at the Villa Medici until 1854, working under Victor Schnetz and Jean Alaux (1786-1864). During this period he made an extensive study of Giotto's work at Assisi and Padua and was also impressed by the works of other Renaissance masters and by Classical art. On his return to France he exhibited the Triumph of the Martyr (1853; Luneville, Mus. Luneville; ) at the Salon of 1854. It depicted St Cecilia's body being carried to the catacombs, and its high finish, restrained colour and classical poses were to be constant features of his painting thereafter. All his works were executed in several stages involving an initial oil sketch followed by numerous pencil drawings taken from life. Though he generally restricted himself to classical, religious and genre subjects, he was commissioned by the state to paint Napoleon III Visiting the Flood Victims of Tarascon in 1856

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