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64330 lmasked conversation, c.  lmasked conversation, c.   1760 venice, museo correr
2574 Portrait of a Magistrate  11  Portrait of a Magistrate 11   1780-1800 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
29984 Portrait of a Prelate  Portrait of a Prelate   mk67 Oil on canvas 37x30 11/16in Uffizi,
64328 the dancing lesson, c  the dancing lesson, c   1760 venice, accademia
64327 the perfume seller  the perfume seller   1757 venice, museo corre

Alessandro Longhi
1733-1813 Italian Alessandro Longhi Gallery Alessandro Longhi (1733-1813) was a Venetian portrait painter and printmaker in etching (mostly reproductions of paintings). He is known best for his oil portraits of Venetian nobles of state. His father was the famed genre painter Pietro Longhi. He trained under his father and Giuseppe Nogari (1609-1763). Like Sebastiano Bombelli in the prior century, Alessandro Longhi is noted for his zealous full-length depicitions of robes and emblems of office. His "tumultuous and unusual (etching) technique shows first-hand knowledge of Rembrandt's etchings", according to Olimpia Theodoli.

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