All Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson 's Paintings
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1795 A Woman in a Turban  A Woman in a Turban   The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
1794 Endymion Asleep  Endymion Asleep   1793 Musee du Louvre, Paris
71032 Endymion effet de lune  Endymion effet de lune   mk289 1793 paris musee du louvre
39987 Head of Young Woman Wearing a Turban  Head of Young Woman Wearing a Turban   mk155 Oil on canvas 41x33.5cm
74253 Jean-Jacques Francois Monanteuil  Jean-Jacques Francois Monanteuil   Jean-Jacques François Monanteuil (1785-1860) posant comme modele de Chactas dans Atala au tombeau dit aussi cyf
40633 Madeomiselle Lange as Danae  Madeomiselle Lange as Danae   mk156 1799 Oil on canvas 60.3x48.6cm
64344 murat. c.  murat. c.   1810 private collection
31054 Portrait du citoyen Bourgeon  Portrait du citoyen Bourgeon   mk71 1800 Toile H.0.92 L.0.72 Musee de l'Hotel Sandelin de Saint-Omer
1792 Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Belley  Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Belley   1797 Musee National du Chateau de Versailles
29344 Self Portrait  Self Portrait   mk65 Oil on canvas 23x18"
1796 Self Portrait   ff  Self Portrait ff   The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
1793 The Burial of Atala  The Burial of Atala   Musee du Louvre, Paris
40644 The Burial of Atala  The Burial of Atala   mk156 1808 Oil on canvas 207x267cm
20878 The Burial of Atala (mk05)  The Burial of Atala (mk05)   Canvas 81 1/2 x 105''(207 x 267 cm)Scene from the novel by chateaubriand Acquired in 1818 INV 4958(MN)
39953 The Cairo Insurgents  The Cairo Insurgents   mk155 1810 Oil on canvas 365x500cm
28388 The Sleep of Endymion  The Sleep of Endymion   mk60 Canvan 78x103" Salons of 1783 and 1814
30651 The Sleep of Endymion  The Sleep of Endymion   mk68 Oil on canvas 6' 6 1/4x8' 6 1/2" Paris,Louvre 1792 France
20879 The Sleep of Endymion (mk05)  The Sleep of Endymion (mk05)   Canvas 78 x 103''(198 x 261 cm)Salons of 1783 and 1814;acquired in 1818 INV 4935 (G/AR)

Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson
1767-1824 French Anne Louis Girodet Trioson Galleries Girodet was born at Montargis. He lost his parents in early youth and the care of his inheritance and education fell to his guardian, M. Trioson, "medecin-de-mesdames," by whom he was in later life adopted and whose surname he took in 1812. He started in school by studying architecture and pursuing a military career. He later changed to the study of painting under a painter named Luquin, before entering the school of David. From 1789 to 1793 he lived in Italy where, at the age of twenty-two, he successfully competed for the Prix de Rome thus making a name for himself for his painting of the Story of Joseph and his Brethren. At Rome he painted his Hippocrate refusant les presents d'Artaxerxes and Endymion-dormant (presently held in the Louvre), work which was praised at the Salon of 1793.

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