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73452 Antoine Wiertz s  Antoine Wiertz s   painting created in 1854 cyf
97946 Autoportrait a lage de 18 ans  Autoportrait a lage de 18 ans   oil on canvas Dimensions 81.3 x 62.5 cm cyf
90502 Linhumation precipitee  Linhumation precipitee   1854(1854) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 160 x 235 cm (63 x 92.5 in) cyf
71732 Reader of Novels  Reader of Novels   Date 1853 125 x 157 cm
82226 Rosine at her Dressing Table  Rosine at her Dressing Table   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 156 x 98 cm (61.4 x 38.6 in) cjr
94270 self portrait by Antoine Wiertz  self portrait by Antoine Wiertz   1860 cjr
22314 The Beautiful Rosine (mk19)  The Beautiful Rosine (mk19)   1847 Oil on canvas,140 x 110 cm Musee Wiertz,Brussels
22825 The Lovely Rosine (mk22)  The Lovely Rosine (mk22)   (Nude with Skeleton),1843 Oil on canvas,140 x 110 cm Brussels,Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
22313 The Novel Reader (mk19)  The Novel Reader (mk19)   1853 Oil on canvas,125 x 155 cm Musee Wiertz,Brussels
89996 The Premature Burial  The Premature Burial   1854(1854) Medium oil on canvas cjr
92457 The Reader of Novels  The Reader of Novels   Date 1853(1853) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 125 X 157 cm (49.2 X 61.8 in) TTD
91826 The Suicide  The Suicide   1854(1854) Medium oil on canvas cjr
94271 The Young Sorceress  The Young Sorceress   oil on canvas 1857 cjr
44012 Two Young Girls or the Beautiful Rosine  Two Young Girls or the Beautiful Rosine   1847 Oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm

Antoine Wiertz
Belgian Painter, 1806-1865 Belgian painter and sculptor. He was from very humble origins, but his talent for drawing was detected at an early age. He was sent to the Antwerp Academie, where he attended classes given by W. J. Herreyns (1743-1827) and Mathieu Ignace Van Br?e. During a stay in Paris from 1829 to 1832 he came into contact with the Romantic painters, in particular Th?odore G?ricault, who fostered his admiration for Rubens. In 1832 he won the Belgian Prix de Rome and in 1834 left for Italy where the works of Raphael and, above all, Michelangelo made an overwhelming impression on him. In Rome he abandoned the landscapes and scenes from Roman life, for which he showed a certain talent, and embarked on a much more ambitious work, the Greeks and the Trojans Contesting the Body of Patroclus (1835; Brussels, Mus. Wiertz.). The painting proved the turning-point in Wiertz's career. Its frenzied composition and violently contorted figures excited considerable interest in Rome.

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