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91332 Jagiellonian University  Jagiellonian University   Oil on canvas mid-19th century cyf
89552 Portrait of Ludwik Osieski  Portrait of Ludwik Osieski   beginning of the 19th century Medium oil on canvas cyf
85418 Portrait of Ludwik Osinski.  Portrait of Ludwik Osinski.   Date beginning of the 19th century Medium Oil on canvas cjr

Antoni Brodowski
(26 December 1784 - 31 March 1832) was a Polish Neo-classicist painter and pedagogue. Brodowski was born in Warsaw but moved to Paris to study under Jean Augustin and Jacques-Louis David, later Brodowski's idol. He also became a pupil of Anne-Louis Girodet and Francois Gerard. His compositions are very large-scale with many figures, and often based on themes from Antiquity. Brodowski is also well-known for his decorative paintings within palaces and theatres in Warsaw.

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