All Antropov, Aleksei 's Paintings
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82900 Portrait of A.M  Portrait of A.M   Date 1780 cyf
81396 Portrait of A.M.Izmailova  Portrait of A.M.Izmailova   1759(1759) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
81279 Portrait of Anna Karlovna Vorontsova  Portrait of Anna Karlovna Vorontsova   1763(1763) Medium Oil cyf
81967 Portrait of Catherine II  Portrait of Catherine II   Oil, Canvass cyf
18858 Portrait of Father Fyodor Dubyansky  Portrait of Father Fyodor Dubyansky   1761, oil on canvas, The Hermitage at St. Petersburg
79342 Portrait of Maria Andreyevna Rumyantseva  Portrait of Maria Andreyevna Rumyantseva   1764(1764) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
49080 Portrait of Maria Rurnyantseva  Portrait of Maria Rurnyantseva   mk193 1764 Oil n canvas 62.5x48cm
81681 Self portrait  Self portrait   1784(1784) Medium Oil on canvas cyf

Antropov, Aleksei
Russian Painter, 1716-1795

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