All Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi 's Paintings
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23230 Birch Grove (nn02)  Birch Grove (nn02)   1879 Oil on canvas (dimensions unknown) state Russian Museum,Leningrad
35267 Cloud  Cloud   cn40 1900-1905 Oil painting 140x194cm
35252 Dnieper-s Moonlight  Dnieper-s Moonlight   cn40 1880 Oil painting 105x144cm
35245 Dniester  Dniester   cn40 1901
35264 Elbrus  Elbrus   cn40 1898-1908 Oil painting 36x62cm
35260 Elbrus-Moonlight  Elbrus-Moonlight   cn40 1890-1895 Oil painting 36.5x55.4cm
35255 Eventide  Eventide   cn40 1885-1890 Oil painting 29x57.5cm
35256 Eventide  Eventide   cn40 1890-1895 Oil painting 38.7x55.5cm
35241 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1874
35244 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1885-1890 Oil painting 39x53cm
35246 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 182 Oil painting 70x110cm
35247 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1873 Oil painting 76x130cm
35248 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1873 Oil painting 79.5x62.5cm
35258 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1890-1895 Oil paiting 38.8x52.9cm
35265 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1898-1908 Oil painting 39x53.5cm
35268 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1898-1908 Oil painting 40x54cm
35269 Landscape  Landscape   cn40 1905-1908 Oil painting 107x169cm
35259 Noon-the drove on the campo  Noon-the drove on the campo   cn40 1890-1895 Oil painting 42x51cm
35249 North  North   cn40 1879 Oil painting 132x103cm
35263 Oak  Oak   cn40 1900-1905 Oil painting 63x164cm
77787 Portrat der Vittoria Marini  Portrat der Vittoria Marini   Deutsch: um 1850 English: c. 1850 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Deutsch: 63,5 ?? 47,1 cm cyf
35266 Rainbown  Rainbown   cn40 1900-1905 Oil painting 110x171cm
35250 Silver Birch  Silver Birch   cn40 1879 Oil painting 91x181cm
35257 Sunset  Sunset   cn40 1890-1895 Oil painting 40.5x53.5cm
35243 The Boat on the sea  The Boat on the sea   cn40 1875
35251 The empress of rain  The empress of rain   cn40 1879 Oil painting 102x159cm
35253 The evening of Ukraine  The evening of Ukraine   cn40 1878-1880 Oil painting 81x163cm
35261 The far-away place of forest  The far-away place of forest   cn40 1890-1895 Oil painting 30.5x25cm
35254 The Lake in the forest-Cloud  The Lake in the forest-Cloud   cn40 1890 Oil painting 38.4x55.5cm
35242 The night of Ukraine  The night of Ukraine   cn40 1876
35262 The sun in the park  The sun in the park   cn40 1898-1908

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi
Russian Painter, 1842-1910 Ukrainian painter, active in Russia. Initially self-taught as an artist, he twice failed the St Petersburg Academy's entrance examination, despite coaching by the marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. In 1868, however, he was accepted as an external student. He persevered against conservative prejudice and poverty throughout his early career, supplementing his income by retouching photographs. In his early landscape paintings he often sought to capture seasonal moods, as in Autumn Mud (1872; St Petersburg, Rus. Mus.). A more human focus, however, is noticeable after 1874, when he joined the travelling exhibitions society the WANDERERS: the village houses dominate the landscape setting in Evening in Ukraine (1878; St Petersburg, Rus. Mus.). Kuindzhi's principal interest, however, was in lighting, and he obtained striking effects by using vivid colours, chiaroscuro contrasts and simple but cleverly conceived designs. Spectacular paintings, such as the Birch Grove (1879; Moscow, Tret'yakov Gal.), greatly moved contemporary viewers. Through years of experimentation, Kuindzhi developed a highly original technique, which he applied to an increasingly typical, at times almost visionary, treatment of subjects such as snow-covered mountains and moonlight (e.g. Elbnis: Moonlit Night, 1890-95; Moscow, Tret'yakov Gal.). Due to imperfections in the paints he used, many of his canvases soon darkened.

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