All August Hagborg 's Paintings
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86421 Bretagne  Bretagne   Oil on canvas Dimensions 54 x 73 cm (21.3 x 28.7 in) cyf
97029 Ostronplockerska  Ostronplockerska   oil on canvas Dimensions 54 X 73 cm cyf
82683 Ostronplockerska pa stranden  Ostronplockerska pa stranden   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 81 x 65 cm (31.9 x 25.6 in) cjr
86709 Ostronplockerska pa stranden  Ostronplockerska pa stranden   Oil on canvas Dimensions 81 x 65 cm (31.9 x 25.6 in) cyf
48907 Repose pa beach  Repose pa beach   mk187 Odaterad Oil slick pa screen 64x81cm
86434 Sittande ostronplockerska pa stranden  Sittande ostronplockerska pa stranden   Oil on canvas Dimensions 81 x 65 cm (31.9 x 25.6 in) cyf
51869 The Potato Gatherep  The Potato Gatherep   mk221 Oil on canvas 290.8x193cm

August Hagborg
1852 - 1925,Swedish painter. He studied at the Konstakademi in Stockholm (1871-5), then went to Paris in the autumn of 1875, where he lived until 1909. He began to exhibit at the Salon as early as 1876 and became one of its most industrious contributors. In 1877 he showed at the Salon his painting Waiting (1877; priv. col., see S. Strembom: Konstnersferbundets historia [History of the Federation of Artists], i (Stockholm, 1945), pl. 35), developed from a study made in Bohuslen on the west coast of Sweden. It shows a young fisherman's wife, her child on her arm, gazing out over the sea and waiting for her husband. This introduced what was to become Hagborg's favourite subject-matter: the fishing community, mostly in Normandy and Brittany. Typical elements of his paintings are young women, depicted in idealized and heroic manner, in theatrical poses, and a realistic background, usually of shallow beaches at ebb tide; in his later works, he painted in more delicate and exquisite, silvery colours.

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