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5189 Allegory of Charity  Allegory of Charity   Oil on canvas, 108 x 138 cm Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio
67618 Art Gallery of New South Wales  Art Gallery of New South Wales   Title English: 'Mars and the Vestal Virgin' Français : 'Mars et la vierge vestale' Year ca. 1630
5190 Bacchanal g  Bacchanal g   1636 OIl on canvas, 138 x 115 cm Mus??e des Beaux-Arts, Nancy
30556 Cimon and Iphigenia  Cimon and Iphigenia   mk68 Oil on canvas 5'7 1/4"x7'1" Paris,Louvre c.1630 France
31036 La charite  La charite   mk70 Toile H.1.10 L.1.36 Paris,Musee du Louvre
69668 Mars and the Vestal Virgin  Mars and the Vestal Virgin   oil on canvas painting by Blanchard, ca. Art Gallery of New South Wales
67692 pojke med glass  pojke med glass   se
5191 St Jerome gdf  St Jerome gdf   1632 Oil on canvas, 145,5 x 116 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
29194 St.Veronica  St.Veronica   mk65 Oil on canvas 50x38 1/2"
20629 Venus and the Graces Surprised by a Mortal (mk05)  Venus and the Graces Surprised by a Mortal (mk05)   Canvas 67 x 86''(170 x 218 cm)Acquired in 1921
5192 Venus and the Three Graces Surprised by a Mortal k  Venus and the Three Graces Surprised by a Mortal k   1631-33 Oil on canvas, 170 x 218 cm Mus??e du Louvre, Paris

French Baroque Era Painter, 1600-1638 He trained with his maternal uncle Nicolas Bollery (c. 1550/60-1630) from 1613 to 1618. He then set off for Italy but stopped at Lyon to work in the studio of Horace Le Blanc. Le Blanc left for Paris in 1623, and Blanchard is known to have finished a number of his works left in Lyon, including perhaps the Virgin and Child with a Bishop and a Woman Holding a Baby (Lyon, St Denis). At the end of October 1624 he reached Rome in the company of his brother Jean Blanchard, remaining there until April or May 1626. He was then in Venice until 1628, when he returned to Lyon via Turin.

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