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82120 Ceres es Triptolemos  Ceres es Triptolemos   Oil on canvas, 139 x 119 cm. Herman Ottx Mxzeum, Miskolc. Date 1853(1853) cyf
43896 Does He Love Me  Does He Love Me   1847 Oil on canvas, 49 x 38 cm
43855 Lucy Ashton and Ravenswood Visiting Blind Alice  Lucy Ashton and Ravenswood Visiting Blind Alice   1843 Oil on canvas, 78,8 x 79,4 cm
62446 Mother and Child  Mother and Child   1846-50 Oil on canvas, 62 x 54,8 cm Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest Like many others painted in this period, this painting reflects the influences of the artist's journey to Italy
43899 Portrait of a Woman with Veil  Portrait of a Woman with Veil   1846-50 Oil on canvas, 53,3 x 47 cm
52551 Self-Portrait after 1850  Self-Portrait after 1850   Oil on canvas, 21,5 x 17,7 cm
43900 Sleeping Bacchante  Sleeping Bacchante   1850-55 Oil on canvas, 46 x 46 cm
43894 The Daughters of Medgyasszay  The Daughters of Medgyasszay   c. 1833 Oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cm
52531 The Death of Hyacinth  The Death of Hyacinth   1801 Oil on canvas, 175 x 120 cm
95572 Venus and Amor  Venus and Amor   1850(1850) Medium oil on canvas cyf

Brocky, Karoly

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