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48912 Am threading and flodkroken III  Am threading and flodkroken III   mk187 1877 Oil slick pa screen 50x60cm
56292 apple tree in blossom  apple tree in blossom   mk247 1877,oil on canvas,19.625x24 in,50x61 cm,nationalmuseum,stockholm,sweden
48913 Customer pa mine  Customer pa mine   mk187 Artal Be wanting Oil slick pa screen 57.5x76cm
48914 Sister Annals  Sister Annals   mk187 Arthritis be wanting Oil slick pa screen 103x65cm
68182 strand vid luc-sur-mer  strand vid luc-sur-mer   1876 53x65cm se
48915 Strandbild,Luc - sour - More  Strandbild,Luc - sour - More   mk187 1876 Oil slick pa screen 54x65cm
48911 Trappgata in Montigny - sour Loing  Trappgata in Montigny - sour Loing   mk187 1876 Oil slick pa screen 65x77cm

Carl Fredrik Hill
Swedish Painter, 1849-1911,Swedish painter and draughtsman. He grew up in the university city of Lund, where his father was a mathematics professor. Despite severe opposition from his father, he studied landscape painting at the Konstakademi in Stockholm (1871-2), under Johan Edvard Bergh and Per Daniel Holm (1835-1903). He also frequently copied Dutch Old Masters, particularly Jacob van Ruisdael. After seeing the work that Alfred Wahlberg had sent home from Paris, Hill began to abandon his initial approach to form and colour, and he left for Paris in November 1873. His most important experience there was his encounter with the painting of Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot: 'Corot has discovered a new world, because he has discovered a new way of looking at the old', he wrote in a letter. Other contemporary French painters Hill admired were Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps, Charles-Fran?ois Daubigny, Jean-Franeois Millet and Theodore Rousseau. From Courbet he learnt how to use colour to suggest the surface texture of stone quarries and gravel hills. In Barbizon in 1874 and 1875 Hill met the Hungarian painters Laszlo Pael and Mihaly von Muncacsy. His paintings of this time, for example Autumn Landscape, Evening: Fontainebleau (1875; Malm?, Kstmus.), are characterized by their dark 'luminarism' and their debt to Corot's later works.

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