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43333 Alders  Alders   mk170 1872 Oil on mahogany 33x57.1cm
78462 Apple Trees in Blossom  Apple Trees in Blossom   1860 - 62. oil on panel painting by Charles-François Daubigny Date 1860 - 62 cyf
85479 Banks of the Oise  Banks of the Oise   1863(1863) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 35 x 63 1/2 in. (88.9 x 161.3 cm) cyf
69456 French River Scene  French River Scene   oil on panel painting by Charles-Francois Daubigny
73016 Landscape  Landscape   "Landscape," oil on panel, by the French artist Charles-François Daubigny. 7 15/16 in. x 13 5/16 in. x 3/16 in. Yale University Art Gallery, gift of Miss Jessie M. Tilney, in memory of her grandparents, John William and Hannah M. Mason. Courtesy of Yale University, New Haven, Conn. cjr
85343 Landscape  Landscape   19th century Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 93.7 x 151 cm (36.9 x 59.4 in) cyf
33879 Landscape at Gylieu  Landscape at Gylieu   mk87 1853 Oil on canvas 62.2x99.7cm Cincinnati,Cincinnati Art
97526 Landscape with a pond  Landscape with a pond   1861(1861) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 113 x 132 cm cyf
40732 On the Banks of the Oise  On the Banks of the Oise   mk156 c.1860-65 Oil on canvas 32.5x60cm
51896 Poppy Field  Poppy Field   mk222 Salon of 1874 127x220cm
84943 Rising Moon in Barbizon  Rising Moon in Barbizon   19th century Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 93.5 x 151 cm (36.8 x 59.4 in) cyf
34607 Soleil Coucbant  Soleil Coucbant   mk94 1865
30703 Spring  Spring   mk68 Oil on canvas Paris,Louvre 1857 France
30936 Spring  Spring   mk68 1857
34294 The Banks of the Oise  The Banks of the Oise   mk91 Oil on canvas 25.5x41
91169 The Edge of the Pond  The Edge of the Pond   1873(1873) Medium oil on canvas cjr
697 The Flood Gate at Optevoz  The Flood Gate at Optevoz   1859
23281 The Lock at Optevoz (nn03)  The Lock at Optevoz (nn03)   1855 Oil on canvas 92 x 162 cm 36 1/4 x 63 3/4 in Musee des Beaux-Arts Rouen
54523 The Pool at Gylieu  The Pool at Gylieu   mk235 1853 Oil on canvas

Charles Francois Daubigny
b Feb. 15, 1817, Paris, France d.Feb. 19, 1878, Paris French 78, French landscape painter. He went to Italy early in life and later studied in Paris with Paul Delaroche. Although usually classed with the Barbizon school, he never lived in Barbizon. His last 30 years were spent largely in his houseboat on the Seine and the Oise, and he is best known for his pictures of the banks of those rivers. He was particularly successful in his atmospheric depiction of dawn, twilight, and moonlight. His later pictures are handled with great breadth. Monet and Boudin were especially attentive to his work. Daubigny is well represented in the Louvre, the Mesdag Museum (The Hague), the National Gallery (London), and the Metropolitan Museum. Characteristic are his Return of the Flock??Moonlight, Banks of the Oise, and Moonlight. His son Karl Pierre Daubigny, 1846?C86, painted in his father manner.

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