All Christian Friedrich Gille 's Paintings
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38773 At the Park Grounds  At the Park Grounds   mk141 ca.1830/35 Oil on paper mounted on cardboard 25.5x35cm
38768 Garden  Garden   mk141 ca.1835 Oil on pencil on paper mounted on cardboard 28.8x38.6cm
38772 Garden Gate  Garden Gate   mk141 ca.1850/60 Oil on paper 26.3x27cm
52534 Self-Portrait with Cap and Sighting Eye-Shield  Self-Portrait with Cap and Sighting Eye-Shield   1802 Pencil, brush and ink, 175 x 105 mm
22796 The Bruhl Terrace in Dresden (mk22)  The Bruhl Terrace in Dresden (mk22)   1862 Oil on canvas,34 x 53 cm Hannover,Niedersachsisches Landesmuseum

Christian Friedrich Gille
1805-1899 German painter, engraver and lithographer. Between 1825 and 1833 he studied engraving under Johann Gottfried Abraham Frenzel, lithography under Louis Z?llner and painting under Johan Christian Dahl at the Hochschule f?r Bildende K?nste, Dresden. Dahl encouraged in Gille an appreciation for the natural formations and changing conditions of light that had inspired Dahl's friend and mentor, the Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. Gille, however, did not adopt Friedrich's tendency to find mystical significance in these phenomena. Gille's prints are highly descriptive in style and include Saxon landscapes, genre scenes, animal studies and portraits of celebrated men. His paintings and sketches, in oils, watercolour and pen and brown ink, were mostly of landscapes, many with animal staffage.

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