The Painting Names Are Sorted From A to Z

Choice ID Image  Paintings (From A to Z)       Details 
6431 Dante and the Three Kingdoms (detail) fdgj  Dante and the Three Kingdoms (detail) fdgj   1465 Oil on canvas Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence
30427 Michelino  Michelino   mk68 Dante Reading from the Divine Comedy Fresco Florence,Florence Cathedral 1465 ltaly
29745 Tobias and the Three Archangels  Tobias and the Three Archangels   mk67 Tempera on panel 66 15/16x66 15/16in

Italian painter, Florentine school (b. 1417, Firenze, d. 1491, Firenze) Italian painter. He took his name from his teacher, a carver in bone and ivory named Michelino. He was elected to the Compagnia di S Luca in 1442 and joined the Arte dei Medici e degli Speziali on 26 October 1444. In 1459 he received payment from Lorenzo Pucci for a processional banner (untraced) for a confraternity based in S Francesco, Cortona. Four years later he was paid for some figures of saints (untraced) for a cupboard belonging to the Compagnia di S Maria della Purificazione e di S Zanobi,

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