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6477 Bathsheba dg  Bathsheba dg   1654 Oil on canvas Mus??e du Louvre, Paris
6482 Maesta fdg  Maesta fdg   1280s Tempera on wood, 218 x 118 cm Chiesa dei Servi, Bologna

DROST, Willem
Dutch Baroque Era Painter, ca.1630-1680 Dutch painter, draughtsman and printmaker, possibly of German origin. According to Houbraken, he was a pupil of Rembrandt, possibly in or shortly before 1650. An early etching signed w drost 1652 is probably a self-portrait, in which Drost portrayed himself as a young man drawing. His earliest dated paintings are two pendants of 1653: the Portrait of a Man (New York, Met.) and the Portrait of a Woman (The Hague, Mus. Bredius). The man's portrait is signed Wilhelmus Drost F. Amsterdam 1653

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