All Daniel Ridgeway Knight 's Paintings
The Painting Names Are Sorted From A to Z

Choice ID Image  Paintings (From A to Z)       Details 
57517 Afternoon Sun, Rolleboise  Afternoon Sun, Rolleboise   oil on canvas
4237 Arranging Flowers  Arranging Flowers  
57514 At Poissy Your Health  At Poissy Your Health   oil painting on canvas
4238 By the Riverside  By the Riverside  
57518 By the Riverside  By the Riverside   oil on canvas
57503 Chrysanthemums  Chrysanthemums   oil paintig on canvas
57501 Confidence  Confidence   oil painting on canvas.
57528 Dolce Far Niente  Dolce Far Niente   oil on canvas
57523 En Vendanges  En Vendanges   oil on canvas
57532 Gathering Flowers  Gathering Flowers   oil on canvas
57510 Gathering Roses  Gathering Roses   oil on canvas
57527 Girl Picking Poppies  Girl Picking Poppies   oil on canvas
57511 Gossips  Gossips   oil painting
4236 Harvest Repast  Harvest Repast   1875 Chrysler Museum, Norfolk VA
57513 In the Garden  In the Garden   oil painting on canvas
57535 Jeanne sur la terrasse  Jeanne sur la terrasse   oil on canvas
57525 Julia - Corner of the Garden  Julia - Corner of the Garden   oil on canvas
57526 Julia Gathering Roses  Julia Gathering Roses   oil on canvas
57494 La Petite Jardiniere  La Petite Jardiniere   oil on canvas.
57524 Le Dejeuner  Le Dejeuner   oil on canvas
57521 Lecon de Danse  Lecon de Danse   oil on canvas
57496 Les Cerisiers  Les Cerisiers   Painted in 1895, oil on canvas.
57506 Maria and Madeleine on the Terrace  Maria and Madeleine on the Terrace   oil painting on canvas.
57519 Maria on the Terrace  Maria on the Terrace   oil on canvas
57507 Maria on the Terrace Rolleboise  Maria on the Terrace Rolleboise   oil painting on canvas
57504 Maria on the Terrace with a Bundle of Grass  Maria on the Terrace with a Bundle of Grass   oil painting on canvas
57533 Maria, By the Seine  Maria, By the Seine   oil on canvas
57499 Martha, A Days Sport  Martha, A Days Sport   oil painting on canvas
57498 Meditation  Meditation   oil on canvas.
57502 On the Terrace at Rolleboise  On the Terrace at Rolleboise   oil painting on canvas
57495 Partant pour le Travail  Partant pour le Travail   oil painting on canvas.
57500 Picking Poppies  Picking Poppies   oil painting on canvas
57529 Polishing the Urn  Polishing the Urn   oil on canvas
57493 prepaing the meal  prepaing the meal   Oil painting on canvas.
57512 Returning Home  Returning Home   oil on canvas
72474 Shepherdess of Rolleboise  Shepherdess of Rolleboise   Date ca. 1896(1896) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 172.7 X 128.2 cm (67.99 X 50.47 in) cyf
57522 Sur la Terrasse  Sur la Terrasse   oil on canvas
57497 Sur la Terrasse or Maria and Madeleine  Sur la Terrasse or Maria and Madeleine   Private Collection, Paris, France
57516 The fishman wife  The fishman wife   oil on canvas
57515 The flower girl  The flower girl  
57509 The Gossips  The Gossips   oil painting on canvas
57505 The Grass Cutter  The Grass Cutter   oil painting on canvas.
57508 The Pet Dove  The Pet Dove   oil painting on canvas.
39100 The Shepherdess of Rolleboise  The Shepherdess of Rolleboise   mk140 1896 Oil on canvas 172.7x128.2cm
57531 The signal  The signal   oil on canvas
57520 The Village Seamstress  The Village Seamstress   oil on canvas
57534 Time to Rest  Time to Rest   oil on canvas
57530 Watching  Watching   oil on canvas

Daniel Ridgeway Knight
1839-1924 Daniel Ridgeway Knight Gallery Daniel Ridgway Knight was born on March 15,1839 in Pennsylvania. He studied and exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, were he was a classmate of Mary Cassatt and Thomas Eakins. In 1861, he went to Paris to study at L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts under Cabanel, and to apprentice in the atelier of Charles-Gabriel-Gleyere.

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