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67653 blomsterprytt stenornament med mariabyst  blomsterprytt stenornament med mariabyst   1590-1661 se
32621 Floral Wreath with Madonna and Child  Floral Wreath with Madonna and Child   Oil on copper, 197,5 x 79,5 cm
88489 Garland of flowers with a sculpture of the Virgin Mary  Garland of flowers with a sculpture of the Virgin Mary   1645(1645) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 151 x 122.7 cm (59.4 x 48.3 in) cjr
28095 Garland of Flowers,with the Virgin and Child  Garland of Flowers,with the Virgin and Child   mk61 Oil on canvas 86x62cm

Daniel Seghers
Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1590-1661 was a Jesuit brother and Flemish Baroque painter who specialized in flower still lifes, and is particularly well-known for his contributions to the genre of "flower garland" painting. His paintings were collected enthusiastically by courtly patrons and he had numerous imitators. Born in Antwerp, Seghers moved to the Dutch Republic around 1601, following the death of his father Pierre and the conversion of his mother to Calvinism.[1] The young artist returned to Antwerp by 1611, where he was enrolled in the guild of St. Luke as a student of Jan Brueghel the Elder.After re-converting back to Catholicism, in 1614 he became a noviciate in the Jesuit order in MechelenUntil 1625 Seghers continued to work as a painter in Antwerp, as well as a stay in Brussels in 1621Sources differ regarding his status in the Jesuit order: some claim that he was ordained a priest in 1625,while other argue that he remained a lay brother.

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