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64754 en anatom i sin studio  en anatom i sin studio   1639. stockholm universitets konstsamling se
43876 In the Village  In the Village   Oil on wood, 32 x 24 cm
43873 Man Sleeping  Man Sleeping   c. 1649 Oil on panel, 52 x 38 cm
30019 The Temptation of St.Anthony  The Temptation of St.Anthony   mk67 Ol on panel 19 5/8x24 13/16in Pitti,Palatine Gallery

David Ryckaert
Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1612-1661 was a Flemish painter. A member of the Ryckaert family of artists, he was born and raised in Antwerp, the city in which he conducted his career and in which he died. He was the son of David Ryckaert II, grandson of David Ryckaert I, and nephew of Martin Ryckaert. David Ryckaert was a pupil of his homonymous father; his work was influenced by the styles of Adriaen Brouwer and both David Teniers the Elder and David Teniers the Younger. Ryckaert is noted for large and often humorous genre pictures of farmers and landlords, and powerfully coloured still lifes. He also painted a range of other subjects, including religious pictures; his The Temptation of Saint Anthony (1650) is in the collection of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

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