All Diego Rivera 's Paintings
The Painting Names Are Sorted From A to Z

Choice ID Image  Paintings (From A to Z)       Details 
44517 Allegory of California  Allegory of California   mk117 1931 about 14377x14377cm
44529 Assets  Assets   mk117 1931 239x188cm
44491 Burn the Judas  Burn the Judas   mk117 1923-1924 214x443cm
44519 Canoe  Canoe   mk117 1931 200x160cm
44510 Creep the Crag  Creep the Crag   mk117 1930 435x254cm
44492 Dancing  Dancing   mk117 1923-1924 363x468cm
44523 Dancing  Dancing   mk117 1935 48.1x60.6cm
44546 Death-s day  Death-s day   mk117 1944 73.5x101cm
44526 Dream  Dream   mk117 1947-1948 600cm
44527 Dream  Dream   mk117 1947-1948 High 600
44557 Dream  Dream   mk117 1956
44533 Dunase and Dimase  Dunase and Dimase   mk117 1935 80x59.4cm
44522 Flower carrier  Flower carrier   mk117 1935 121.3x121.9cm
44488 Friday  Friday   mk117 1923-1924 35x456cm
44503 From Great Conquest to 1930  From Great Conquest to 1930   mk117 1929-1930
44558 Glide  Glide   mk117 1956 Oil on canvas 90x116cm
44516 Hat seller  Hat seller   mk117 1944 121x154cm
44496 I and  Rivera  I and Rivera   mk117 1949 Oil on panel 29.8x22.4cm
44551 Indian  Indian   mk117 1949 Oil on canvas 180x150cm
56550 indian spinning  indian spinning   mk247 1936,oil on canvas,23.5x32 in,60x81.5cm,phoenix art museum,phoenix,az,usa
44490 Into the Mine  Into the Mine   mk117 1923 350x474cm
68026 kallor  kallor   se
44466 Landscape  Landscape   mk117 1896-1897 Oil on canvas 55x70cm
44476 Landscape  Landscape   mk117 1912 300x200cm Oil on canvas
44483 Landscape  Landscape   mk117 1915 Oil on canvas 144x123cm
44550 Landscape of night  Landscape of night   mk117 1947 Oil on canvas 100x90cm
44470 Landscape of Spanish  Landscape of Spanish   mk117 1913 Oil on canvas 89x110cm
44500 Make the tortilla  Make the tortilla   mk117 1926 Oil on canvas 107.3x89.5cm
44530 Man universe,manipulator  Man universe,manipulator   mk117 1934 485x1146cm
44531 Man universe,manipulator  Man universe,manipulator   mk117 1934 485x1146cm
44518 Market  Market   m,k117 1929 Oil on canvas 100x78cm
44485 Mathematician  Mathematician   mk117 115.5x80.5cm
44479 No title  No title   mk117 1915 Oil on canvas 89.4x130cm
44512 No title  No title   mk117 1926-1927 244x491cm
44521 No title  No title   mk117 1950 26x38.7cm
44553 No title  No title   mk117 1950 491x524cm
44554 No title  No title   mk117 1953
44525 Nude  Nude   mk117 1944 157x124cm
44542 Nude and flower  Nude and flower   mk117 1943 152.4x116.8cm
44487 Operation  Operation   mk117 1920 Oil on canvas 40x60cm
44477 People  People   mk117 1912 Oil on canvas 210x184cm
44509 People  People   mk117 1931 238x188cm
44474 Portrait  Portrait   mk117 1915 Oil on canvas 72.3x59.3cm
44475 Portrait  Portrait   mk117 Oil on canvas
44482 Portrait  Portrait   mk117 1915 Oil on canvas 110.2x89.5cm
44534 Portrait  Portrait   mk117 1945 123.3x62.4cm
44548 Portrait of A Family  Portrait of A Family   mk117 1946 180.9x201.9cm
44489 Portrait of a girl  Portrait of a girl   mk117 1926 Oil on canvas 67.3x56.5cm
44469 Portrait of a spanish  Portrait of a spanish   mk117 1912 Oil on canvas 200x16cm
44556 Portrait of Aomei  Portrait of Aomei   mk117 1955 200x152cm
44478 Portrait of Best Margot  Portrait of Best Margot   mk117 1913 Oil on canvas 161.6x226.8cm
44552 Portrait of Dabi  Portrait of Dabi   mk117 1949 205x125cm
44544 Portrait of Lucy  Portrait of Lucy   mk117 1945 100.5x199cm
44480 Portrait of Makiyo and Fujita  Portrait of Makiyo and Fujita   mk117 1914 Oil on canvas 78.5x74cm
44535 Portrait of Malin  Portrait of Malin   mk117 1938 171.3x122.3cm
44541 Portrait of Natasha  Portrait of Natasha   mk117 1943 115x153cm
44494 Portrait of Rivera  Portrait of Rivera   mk117 1937 Oil on canvas 53x39cm
44495 Portrait of Rivera  Portrait of Rivera   mk117 1943 Oil on canvas 76x61cm
44502 Power  Power   mk117 1926-1927 692x589cm
44528 Process  Process   mk117 1931-4 907x688cm
44532 Proletariate  Proletariate   mk117 1933 161.9x201.3cm
44508 revolt  revolt   mk117 1930 425x134cm
44520 Rivera and Carlo  Rivera and Carlo   mk117 1931 100x78.7cm
44540 Root  Root   mk117 1937 48.3x62cm
44499 Sale Flowers  Sale Flowers   mk117 1925 147.2x120.6cm
44539 Sale Flowers  Sale Flowers   mk117 1943 150x119cm
44465 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk117 1947 Oil on canvas 61x43cm
44468 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk117 1906?? 55x54cm
44497 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk117 1949 Oil on panel 34.9x27.9cm
44536 Series of Flower  Series of Flower   mk117 1941 122x122cm
44537 Series of Flower  Series of Flower   mk117 1942 122x122cm
44493 Sharpener  Sharpener   mk117 1924 90x116cm
44498 Song  Song   mk117 1923-1928
44543 Squareman  Squareman   mk117 1943 Oil on canvas 30x23
44555 SunSet  SunSet   mk117 1956 30x40cm
44549 Tempt  Tempt   mk117 1947 89.5x110cm
44473 The building on the bridge  The building on the bridge   mk117 1909 Oil on canvas 147x120cm
44524 The Child in red  The Child in red   mk117 1934 92x66.5cm
44486 The Child Writing the word  The Child Writing the word   mk117 1920 Oil on canvas 49x54cm
44515 The Dancing from Tehuantepec  The Dancing from Tehuantepec   mk117 200x162cm
44538 The Feast of Flower  The Feast of Flower   mk117 1931 199x162cm
56566 the flower seller  the flower seller   mk247 1942,oil on canvas,59x47 in,150x120 cm,private collection
44471 The Girl beside of Well  The Girl beside of Well   mk117 1913
44513 The Power from underground  The Power from underground   mk117 1926-1927 354x555cm
44481 The Sailor is having the meal  The Sailor is having the meal   mk117 1914 Oil on canvas 117x70cm
57066 the spanish conquest of mexico  the spanish conquest of mexico   mk247 1929 to 35,mural(detail),palacio nacional,mexico city,mexico
44484 The Stil-life have lemon  The Stil-life have lemon   mk117 1916 Oil on canvas 78.7x63.5cm
44501 The Three women and Child  The Three women and Child   mk117 1927 Oil on canvas 70.5x90.9cm
44507 The woman sale powder  The woman sale powder   mk117 1936
44505 The World  The World   mk117 1929
44467 Threshing Floor  Threshing Floor   mk117 1904 Oil on canvas 100x114.6cm
44504 Today and Future of Mexico  Today and Future of Mexico   mk117 1935
44506 Two Woman  Two Woman   mk117 1935 36.5x25.5cm
44511 Virgin  Virgin   mk117 1926-1927 354x588cm
44472 Winebottle  Winebottle   mk117 1915 Oil on canvas 64.8x69.9cm
44514 woman cleaning and eagle  woman cleaning and eagle   mk117 1928 42.9x55.9cm
44545 Woman of Flapjack  Woman of Flapjack   mk117 1943 30.5x40cm
44547 Worker  Worker   mk117 1944 23x29cm

Diego Rivera
Mexican Social Realist Muralist, 1886-1957,Mexican muralist. After study in Mexico City and Spain, he settled in Paris from 1909 to 1919. He briefly espoused Cubism but abandoned it c. 1917 for a visual language of simplified forms and bold areas of colour. He returned to Mexico in 1921, seeking to create a new national art on revolutionary themes in the wake of the Mexican Revolution. He painted many public murals, the most ambitious of which is in the National Palace (1929 ?C 57). From 1930 to 1934 he worked in the U.S. His mural for New York's Rockefeller Center aroused a storm of controversy and was ultimately destroyed because it contained the figure of Vladimir Ilich Lenin; he later reproduced it at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. With Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros, Rivera created a revival of fresco painting that became Mexico's most significant contribution to 20th-century art. His large-scale didactic murals contain scenes of Mexican history, culture, and industry, with Indians, peasants, conquistadores, and factory workers drawn as simplified figures in crowded, shallow spaces. Rivera was twice married to Frida Kahlo.

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