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67478 cornell farm  cornell farm   se
59375 Noah Ark  Noah Ark   Noah Ark, (1846)
77886 Noah's Ark,  Noah's Ark,   Noah's Ark, oil on canvas painting by Edward Hicks, 1846 Philadelphia Museum of Art cjr
31939 Peaceable Kingdom  Peaceable Kingdom   mk77 c.1830-35 Oil on canvas 30 1/8x34 1/2in
41352 Peaceable Kingdom  Peaceable Kingdom   mk161 Oil on canvas 18x24
59373 Peaceable Kingdom  Peaceable Kingdom   Peaceable Kingdom, (c. 1834)
72785 Peaceable Kingdom  Peaceable Kingdom   Date between 1830(1830) and 1840(1840) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 44.3 X 59.8 cm (17.44 X 23.54 in) cyf
59376 Penn Treaty  Penn Treaty   Penn Treaty (1847)
59377 The Cornell Farm  The Cornell Farm   The Cornell Farm, (1848)
50534 The King  The King   mk212 1829*30 Oil on canvas 44.8x60cm
4129 The Peaceable Kingdom  The Peaceable Kingdom   1834
39060 The Peaceable Kingdom  The Peaceable Kingdom   mk140 circa 1833-34 Oil on canvas 44.3x59.8cm
71597 The Peaceable Kingdom  The Peaceable Kingdom   between 1830(1830) and 1840(1840) Oil on canvas 44.3 x 59.8 cm (17.44 x 23.54 in)
93731 The Peaceable Kingdom  The Peaceable Kingdom   c. 1846-1847 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 61 x 79 cm cjr
23314 The Peaceable Kingdom (nn03)  The Peaceable Kingdom (nn03)   c 1833/4 Oil on canvas 44.5 x 59.3 cm 17 1/2 x 23 1/2 in Philadelphia Museum of Art,Philadelphia PA
49495 The Peaceable Kingston  The Peaceable Kingston   ,MK198 about 1819 Philadelphia Musuem perceive Art,USA
59374 The Residence of David Twining  The Residence of David Twining   The Residence of David Twining, (1845?C1848)
90504 Washington at the Delaware  Washington at the Delaware   Oil on canvas, Chrysler Museum of Art Date c. 1849(1849) cyf

Edward Hicks
1780-1849 Edward Hicks (April 14, 1780 ?C August 23, 1849) was an American Folk painter, a distinguished minister of the Society of Friends, and he also became a Quaker icon because of his paintings. Edward Hicks was born in his grandfather's mansion at Langhorne, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was born into a life of luxury, and his parents were both Anglican. After his mother passed away when he was eighteen months old, Matron Elizabeth Twining - a close friend of his mother's- raised him as one of her own. She also taught him the Quaker beliefs. This had a great effect on the rest of his life. At the age of thirteen he was an apprentice for coach makers William and Henry Tomlison. He stayed with them for seven years. His living situation inspired him to desire a much better way of life for himself. He wanted a simple, well respected life and to be able to earn his own wages. He wanted to be able to make choices for himself, in all that he did. It was then that he knew that something amusing and entertaining such as a career in art could satisfy his goals. He spent three years contemplating what his life meant to him, and grew a strong passion for art. His religious commitments affected his thoughts on living and art in many ways. In 1803, he married a Quaker woman named Sarah Worstall.

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