All Elisabeth Louise Viegg-Le Brun 's Paintings
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93318 Bacchante  Bacchante   circa 1780-1790 Medium oil on canvas cjr
61453 Charles Alexandre de Calonne,  Charles Alexandre de Calonne,   Charles Alexandre de Calonne, by Élisabeth Vig??e-Le Brun
20770 Hubert Robert Painter (mk05)  Hubert Robert Painter (mk05)   1788 Canvas 41 1/4 x 33''(105 x 84 cm)Gift of the artist's niece in 1843 INV 3055(S/AR)
56154 marie antoinette  marie antoinette   mk247 1788,oil on canvas,106.75x76.75 in,271x195 cm,palace of versailles,versailles,france
61452 Portrait of Marie Antoinette,  Portrait of Marie Antoinette,   Portrait of Marie Antoinette, 1783. Attributed to Elisabeth Vig??e-LeBrun.
96376 Portrait of Sophie d'Artois  Portrait of Sophie d'Artois   18th century Medium oil cyf
40623 Portrait of Stanistas Auguste Poniatowski  Portrait of Stanistas Auguste Poniatowski   mk156 c.1789-96 Oil on canvas 101.5x86.5cm
56146 self portrait in a straw hat  self portrait in a straw hat   mk247 1782,oil on canvas,38.5x27.75 in,98x70.5 cm,national galley,london,uk
61451 Self portrait in a Straw Hat,  Self portrait in a Straw Hat,   Self-portrait in a Straw Hat, 1782.
61454 Self portrait in a Turban with Julie,  Self portrait in a Turban with Julie,   Self-portrait in a Turban with Julie, 1786
97747 self portrait with Her Daughter  self portrait with Her Daughter   1786(1786) Medium oil on panel cyf
61457 Self portrait, painted at Florence,  Self portrait, painted at Florence,   Self-portrait, painted at Florence, 1790

Elisabeth Louise Viegg-Le Brun
Paris 1755-1842

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