All Evelyn De Morgan 's Paintings
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39417 At the waters Babylons  At the waters Babylons   mk148 The exile Jews lament the loss of its homeland and the destruction Jerusalems
70272 Aurora Triumphans a.k.a. Dawn  Aurora Triumphans a.k.a. Dawn   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 46 x 68 in.
26038 Deianira (mk46)  Deianira (mk46)   1855-1919 C.1878 Watercolour and bodycolour 45.7x30.5cm
95179 Helen of Troy  Helen of Troy   1898 Type Oil on canvas cyf
77177 Hope in a Prison of Despair,  Hope in a Prison of Despair,   Hope in a Prison of Despair, allegorical, pre-raphaelite painting by Evelyn De Morgan (30 August 1855-2 May 1919), British painter, showing Hope as a woman or very young man holding a lamp, entering the dungeon where Despair is shown as another human figure bowed down with grief. Hope's saint-like halo suggests the comfort brought by religious faith. cjr
95074 Night and Sleep  Night and Sleep   1878 Type Oil on canvas cyf
2843 Our Lady of Peace  Our Lady of Peace   De Morgan Foundation, London
51708 Our Lady of Peace  Our Lady of Peace   nn09 Oil on canvas
42085 Our Senora of the Peace  Our Senora of the Peace   mk166 1907 Fundacion Of Morgan London
56298 phosphorus and hesperus  phosphorus and hesperus   mk247 1882,oil on canvas,23.625x17.375 in,60x44 cm,de morgan centre,london,uk
51775 Port After Stormy Sea  Port After Stormy Sea   nn09 Oil on canvas
2844 Port After Stormy Seas  Port After Stormy Seas   De Morgan Foundation, London
86249 The Gilded Cage  The Gilded Cage   Date Medium Oil on canvas cyf
95191 The Love Potion  The Love Potion   1903 Type Oil on canvas Dimensions 104.1 cm x 52.1 cm cyf

Evelyn De Morgan
1855-1919 British Evelyn De Morgan Galleries She was born Evelyn Pickering. Her parents were of upper middle class. Her father was Percival Pickering QC, the Recorder of Pontefract. Her mother was Anna Maria Wilhelmina Spencer Stanhope, the sister of the artist John Roddam Spencer Stanhope and a descendant of Coke of Norfolk who was an Earl of Leicester. Evelyn was homeschooled and started drawing lessons when she was 15. On the morning of her seventeenth birthday, Evelyn recorded in her diary, "Art is eternal, but life is short..." "I will make up for it now, I have not a moment to lose." She went on to persuade her parents to let her go to art school. At first they discouraged it, but in 1873 she was enrolled at the Slade School of Art. Her uncle, John Roddam Spencer Stanhope, was a great influence to her works. Evelyn often visited him in Florence where he lived. This also enabled her to study the great artists of the Renaissance; she was particularly fond of the works of Botticelli. This influenced her to move away from the classical subjects favoured by the Slade school and to make her own style. In 1887, she married the ceramicist William De Morgan. They lived together in London until he died in 1917. She died two years later on 2 May 1919 in London and was buried in Brookwood Cemetery, near Woking, Surrey.

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