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93768 Black Grouses  Black Grouses   Oil on canvas, 40x50 cm. Date 1872(1872) cjr
89045 Black Grouses 1864  Black Grouses 1864   Oil on canvas, 35,5 x 45 cm. Date 1864(1864) cjr
67770 Ensi yllatys  Ensi yllatys   Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 117 X 85 cm (46.06 X 33.46 in)
38790 Garden in Haminanlathi  Garden in Haminanlathi   mk141 1856/57 Oil on canvas 43x57cm
96917 Summer landscape  Summer landscape   1877(1877) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 80 X 105 cm cyf
70735 The Surprise  The Surprise   Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Expression error: Missing operand for *117.00 ?? 85.00 cm

Ferdinand von Wright
1822-1906,Brother of Magnus von Wright and Wilhelm von Wright. He grew up under the influence of his brothers and became a skilled ornithological illustrator at a very young age. He remained in Sweden from 1837 until 1844 and worked as a draughtsman, helping his brother Wilhelm. After returning to Finland he set his sights on a career as a painter. During the second half of the 1840s he was still searching for his proper path, and he experimented with a number of subjects: birds, still-lifes, landscapes and portraits.

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