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81169 Der Besenbinder  Der Besenbinder   Oil on canvas Dimensions 161 x 124 cm cyf
32899 St.Bonaventure Enters the Franciscan Order  St.Bonaventure Enters the Franciscan Order   mk84 1627-29 Madrid,Prado,Canvas 235x215cm
28084 St.Bonaventure Receiving the Habit of St.Francis  St.Bonaventure Receiving the Habit of St.Francis   mk61 Oil on canvas 231x215cm

Francisco de herrera the elder
Spanish Baroque Era Painter, ca.1590-1656 Spanish painter. His early works are in the Mannerist style. Under the influence of Francisco Zurbaren, he developed the naturalistic style seen in his four scenes from the life of St. Bonaventure (1627). About 1650 he moved to Madrid. His last documented work, a painting of St. Joseph (1648) influenced by Anthony Van Dyck, features elongated forms and elaborate draperies. He achieved considerable fame in Sevilla, where Diego Velezquez was briefly his pupil. His work marked the transition from Mannerism to the Baroque. His son, Francisco Herrera the Younger

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