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97307 Dorfstrabe von Aresing  Dorfstrabe von Aresing   1856(1856) Medium oil on canvas mounted on board Dimensions 36.7 X 46.1 cm cyf
86890 Ein Hirtenknabe  Ein Hirtenknabe   Date 1860(1860) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 107 x 154 cm cjr
80935 Marion  Marion   1900(1900) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 85 x 65 cm (33.5 x 25.6 in) cyf
93776 Marion, die Tochter des Kunstlers  Marion, die Tochter des Kunstlers   Date 1900(1900) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 85 x 65 cm (33.5 x 25.6 in) TTD
93828 Portrait einer Dame  Portrait einer Dame   circa 1890(1890) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 82 x 62.5 cm cjr
74878 Portrait of a little girl with cat  Portrait of a little girl with cat   1903(1903) Öl auf Pappe 77.2 X 68.2 cm (30.39 X 26.85 in) cjr
76407 Portrait of a little girl with cat  Portrait of a little girl with cat   Date 1903(1903) Medium Öl auf Pappe Dimensions 77.2 ?? 68.2 cm (30.4 ?? 26.9 in) cyf
20983 Prince Otto Von Bismarck (san 05)  Prince Otto Von Bismarck (san 05)   (Inv No 8389)Oil on panel 31 1/2 x 24 1/2''(80 x 62 cm)
27088 The Artist wiht his Wife and Saughters  The Artist wiht his Wife and Saughters   mk52 1903 Oil on board 96.5x122cm Stadtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus,Munich
38656 The Imperial Chancellor,Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst  The Imperial Chancellor,Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst   mk138 1896 Oil on canvas 74.5x60.5cm
23205 The Red Umbrella (nn02)  The Red Umbrella (nn02)   c 1860 Oil on paper on cardboard,10 5/8 x 13 5/8'' Hamburger Kunsthalle,Hamburg
34020 Young Boy in the Sun  Young Boy in the Sun   mk87 c.1860 Oil on canvas 33.5x26cm Darmstadt,Hessisches Landesmuseum
21566 Young boy in the Sun (mk09)  Young boy in the Sun (mk09)   c 1860 Oil on canvas 33.5 x 26 cm Darmstadt,Hessisches Landesmuseum

Franz von Lenbach
Shrobenhausen 1836-Munich 1904 German painter. The son of a master builder, he trained for his father's profession at the Kenigliche Landwirtschafts- und Gewerbeschule in Landshut, also working from 1851 in the sculpture studio of Anselm Sickinger (1807-73) in Munich. His elder brother, Karl August Lenbach (1828-47), had already become involved with painting, and it was through him that Franz Lenbach met Johann Baptist Hofner (1832-1913), an artist who had studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Kenste in Munich. They went on sketching expeditions together, and Hofner introduced him to plein-air painting. After spending two semesters at the Polytechnische Schule in Augsburg (1852-3), and some months in the studio of Albert Grefle (1807-89), a portrait painter in Munich, Lenbach entered the Akademie in Munich in 1854. In 1857 he attended the classes of Karl Theodor Piloty (later von Piloty), who was renowned for his history paintings. Lenbach produced his first important painting, the Angel Appearing to Hagar in the Desert (1858; destr.), while in this class, followed by Peasants Trying to Take Shelter from a Thunderstorm in a Chapel (1858; destr.; oil sketch, Schweinfurt, Samml. Schefer). The sale of this picture, together with a scholarship, enabled him to accompany Piloty on a journey to Rome with Ferdinand von Piloty (1828-95),

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