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56181 adoration of the kings  adoration of the kings   1813,oil on panel ,19x26 in,49.7x66 cm,hamburger kunsthalle,hamburg,germany
43872 Christ Resurrects the Daughter of Jairu  Christ Resurrects the Daughter of Jairu   watercolour, 307 x 373 mm
26354 Franz Prorr  Franz Prorr   mk49 1810 Oil,National Gallery,Berlin.
82364 Hohlweg  Hohlweg   Öl auf Leinwand, 78 x 92 cm Date 1896 - 1904 cyf
40673 Italia and Germania  Italia and Germania   mk156 1828 Oil on canvas 95x105cm
25947 Italia and Germania (mk45)  Italia and Germania (mk45)   1828 Oil on canvas 94.4x104.7cm Munich,Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlungen,Neue Pinakothek
38587 Joseph Sold by his Brother  Joseph Sold by his Brother   mk138 1817 244x298cm
73546 Malerin vor der Staffelei  Malerin vor der Staffelei   Date 1905/06 cyf
38585 Portrait of the Painter Franz Pforr  Portrait of the Painter Franz Pforr   mk138 1810 Oil on canvas 62x47cm
26992 The Artist with his Family  The Artist with his Family   mk52 c.1820-30 Oil on wood 46.5x37cm Museum fur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte,Lubeck
34341 Vittoria Caldoni  Vittoria Caldoni   mk92 1821 90x65cm Munchen Bayerische Staatsgemalde Sammlung

Friedrich overbeck
1789-1869 German religious painter. Expelled from the Vienna Academy because of his opposition to its classicism, he went to Rome and with Peter von Cornelius, Veit, Schadow-Godenhaus, and others, formed the group known as the Nazarenes. His first real successes were his frescoes for the Casa Bartholdy (now in Berlin) and for the Villa Massimo. Among his notable paintings are Christ's Entry into Jerusalem and Christ's Agony in the Garden. Overbeck sought to make his art serve religion.

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