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48420 Anne of Denmark  Anne of Denmark   mk190 c.1611-14 Probably with a view of the garden of Somerset House
6843 Portrait of a Woman sdg  Portrait of a Woman sdg   1590s Oil on canvas, 217 x 135,3 cm Royal Collection, Windsor
80132 Portrait of Helena van der Schalcke  Portrait of Helena van der Schalcke   ca. 1648(1648) (1646-1650) Medium Oil on panel Dimensions 34 x 28.5 cm (13.4 x 11.2 in) cyf
6845 Portrait of Lady Anne Ruhout df  Portrait of Lady Anne Ruhout df   1631 Oil on canvas, 126 x 102 cm Groeninge Museum, Bruges
6842 Portrait of Mary Rogers: Lady Harrington dfg  Portrait of Mary Rogers: Lady Harrington dfg   1592 Oil on panel Tate Gallery, London
6844 Portrait of Queen Elisabeth dfg  Portrait of Queen Elisabeth dfg   1592 Oil on canvas, 241 x 152 cm National Portrait Gallery, London
80568 Self-portrait  Self-portrait   . 1668 (1666-1670) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 62.7 x 43.7 cm (24.7 x 17.2 in) cyf
41414 Sir Francis Drake  Sir Francis Drake   mk160 seafarer explorer and Vice-Admiral
6841 Sir Francis Drake dfg  Sir Francis Drake dfg   after 1590 Oil on canvas Buckland Abbey, Devon

GHEERAERTS, Marcus the Younger
Flemish Baroque Era Painter, ca.1561-1636 was an artist of the Tudor court, described as "the most important artist of quality to work in England in large-scale between Eworth and Van Dyck" He was brought to England as a child by his father Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder, also a painter. He became a fashionable portraitist in the last decade of the reign of Elizabeth I under the patronage of her champion and pageant-master Sir Henry Lee, introducing a new aesthetic in English court painting that captured the essence of a sitter through close observation. He became a favorite portraitist of James I's queen Anne of Denmark, but fell out of fashion in the later 1610s. Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger was the son of the artist Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder and his wife Johanna. Hardly anything is known of the paintings of the elder Gheeraerts, although his work as a printmaker reached around Europe. Like other Protestant artists, Gheeraerts the Elder fled to England with his son to escape persecution in the Netherlands under the Duke of Alva. His wife was a Catholic and remained behind; she is assumed to have died a few years later. Father and son are recorded living with a Dutch servant in the London parish of St Mary Abchurch in 1568. On 9 September 1571, the elder Gheeraerts remarried. His new wife was Susanna de Critz, a member of an exiled family from Antwerp. It is uncertain by whom young Marcus was trained, although it is likely to have been his father; he was possibly also a pupil of Lucas de Heere. Records suggest that Marcus was active as a painter by 1586 In 1590 he married Magdalena, the sister of his stepmother Susanna and of the painter John de Critz.

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