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1160 Edward VI  Edward VI   1547-53 The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
29304 Edward VI  Edward VI   mk65 1547/53 Oil on panel 20x14"
96972 Hans Eworth  Hans Eworth   oil on panel, 38 1/2 x 24 in, 96.9 x 61 cm, Tate Gallery cyf
1159 Lady Dacre  Lady Dacre   1554 National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
98318 Lady Mary Grey  Lady Mary Grey   Portrait of Lady Mary Grey. Date 1571(1571) Medium oil on panel
41399 Margaret,Duchess of Norfolk  Margaret,Duchess of Norfolk   mk160 in a very decorative close-bodied gown,with short over-sleeves and sham hanging-sleeves represented
77825 Mary I of England  Mary I of England   1554(1554) Oil on panel 21.6 ?? 16.9 cm (8.5 ?? 6.7 in) cjr
81102 Mary I of England  Mary I of England   1554(1554) Medium Oil on panel Dimensions 21.6 x 16.9 cm (8.5 x 6.7 in) cyf
98073 Mary Neville Lady Dacre  Mary Neville Lady Dacre   1555-1558 Medium Oil on wood, cradled Dimensions 73.7 x 57.8 cm cyf
86563 Portrait of an unknown lady  Portrait of an unknown lady   oil on panel, 38 1/2 x 24 in, 96.9 x 61 cm, Tate Gallery Date 1565-68 cyf
92191 Portrait of an Unknown Lady  Portrait of an Unknown Lady   oil on wood, support: 597 x 483 mm, Tate Gallery, T00606 Date 1557(1557) cyf
87368 Portrait of an Unknown Lady, signed  Portrait of an Unknown Lady, signed   1557, oil on wood, support: 597 x 483 mm cjr
56007 portrait of beardless man  portrait of beardless man   mk247 1521,oil on lindenwood,14.675x12.375 in,37x31.3 cm,kunsthistorisches museum,vienna,austria
78737 Portrait of Mary Dudley  Portrait of Mary Dudley   Oil Date ca. 1550-1555 cyf
41381 Queen Mary  Queen Mary   mk160 it was presented to the national portrait gallery
79370 wife of Sir Henry Sidney  wife of Sir Henry Sidney   Oil Date ca. 1550-1555 cyf

Hans Eworth
Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter, active 1540-1573 Flemish painter, active in England. Jan Euworts was listed in 1540 as a freeman of the Guild of St Luke in Antwerp, but by 1545 he had moved to England, where until 1571 his name, spelt in a wide variety of ways (e.g. Eeworts, Eottes, Euertz, Evance, Eworts, Ewotes, Ewout, Ewoutsz., Eywooddes, Hawarde, Heward, Huett etc), appeared in numerous naturalization, tax and parish documents. About 35 paintings are generally attributed to him, consisting primarily of dated portraits of the English gentry and nobility. The majority are signed with the monogram HE, which led to their being attributed to the Flemish painter Lucas de Heere during the 18th and 19th centuries. Cust reattributed the paintings to Eworth on the basis of an inventory (1590) of the collection of John, 1st Baron Lumley, in which three monogrammed portraits were listed as being by Haunce Eworth

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