All Harriet Backer 's Paintings
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92347 Alteret i Tanum kirke  Alteret i Tanum kirke   Oil painting. Painted 1891 ttd
95834 Alteret i Uvdal kirke  Alteret i Uvdal kirke   Oil painting. Painted 1910. cjr
95830 Barnedap i Tanum kirke  Barnedap i Tanum kirke   Painted 1892. Oil on canvas. cjr
23168 Blue Interior (nn02)  Blue Interior (nn02)   1883 Oil on canvas, 33 1/16 x 26'' Nasjonalgalleriet,Oslo
56337 by lamplight  by lamplight   mk247 1890,oil on canvas,21x26 in,55x66.5 cm,rasmus meyers samlinger,bergen,norway
95828 Bygdeskomakere  Bygdeskomakere   cjr
95826 Chez moi  Chez moi   Oil painting. Painted 1887. cjr
95831 Drying clothes  Drying clothes   ca 1890 cjr
95838 Fra Trefoldighetskirken  Fra Trefoldighetskirken   Oil painting. Painted 1898-1908. cjr
95839 Inngangskoner  Inngangskoner   Painted 1892. cjr
95870 Interior med figurer  Interior med figurer   Oil painting. Painted 1886. cjr
95812 Kolbotnstua  Kolbotnstua   Oil painting. Painted 1896. cjr
95829 Kone som syr  Kone som syr   Oil painting. Painted 1890 cjr
95832 Lesende_dame_i_renessansedrakt  Lesende_dame_i_renessansedrakt   1878(1878) cjr
95827 Pa blekevollen  Pa blekevollen   Oil painting. Painted 1886-87. cjr
95874 Pike ved vinduet  Pike ved vinduet   Oil painting. Painted 1891 cjr
95833 Portrait of Nenna Jahnson  Portrait of Nenna Jahnson   ca 1890 cjr
95875 Storebror spiller  Storebror spiller   Oil painting. Painted 1890. cjr
95876 To barn og tregruppe  To barn og tregruppe   Oil painting. Painted 1885. cjr
23169 Uvdal Stave Church (nn02)  Uvdal Stave Church (nn02)   1909 Oil on canvas,45 1/8 x 53 1/8'' Rasmus Meyers Collection,Bergen Norway
95877 Ved lampelys  Ved lampelys   Painted 1890 cjr

Harriet Backer
Norwegian Painter, 1845-1932 Norwegian painter. In the 1860s and early 1870s she took lessons in drawing and painting in Christiania (now Oslo) and also travelled extensively in Europe with her sister Agathe, a composer and pianist. She copied works in major museums and took occasional art lessons; she later considered this experience to have been of fundamental importance to her artistic development. Little Red Riding Hood (1872; Oslo, N.G.) is impressive in technique, and the early portrait of her sister, Agathe Backer-Grendahl (1874; Holmestrand, Komm.), shows a refined colour scheme. At the age of nearly 30 Backer decided to train professionally as a painter and in 1874 went to Munich. She was never attached to a particular institution, but the influence of her friend the artist Eilif Peterssen was crucial to her development. In Munich she made a thorough study of perspective, which formed a secure basis for her later work.

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