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11580 Afternoot at Pardigon  Afternoot at Pardigon   1907 2' 8'' x 2' 1 1/2''(81 x 65 cm) Bequest of Viscount Guy de Cholet,1923
54188 Beach on the Mediterranean  Beach on the Mediterranean   mk235 c.1891/9
11578 Cypress Trees at Cagnes  Cypress Trees at Cagnes   1908 2' 8'' x 3' 3 1/4''(81 x 100 cm)Bequest of Viscount Guy de Cholet,1923
54267 Cypresses at Cagnes  Cypresses at Cagnes   mk2351908 Oil on canvas 81x100cm
71180 evening  evening   mk290 air 1893-94 oil on canvas 45x65 in musee d orsay paris
677 Evening Breeze  Evening Breeze   1893-94 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
21104 Evening Breeze (mk06)  Evening Breeze (mk06)   1893-1894(Salon des Independants,1894 3' 9 3/4'' x 5'5''(116 x 165 cm)Gift of Miss Ginette Signac.RF 1976-81
67786 hamnen i toulon  hamnen i toulon   se
11574 Hector France  Hector France   Nee Irma Clare and later in 1893,Mme.Henri Edmond Cross,1891(Salon des Independants,1891) 6' 10'' x 4' 10 3/4''(208 x 149 )
97822 Landscape  Landscape   . 1896-99 Medium oil on canvas cyf
31092 Le Four des Maures  Le Four des Maures   mk71 Toile H.0.73 L.0.92 Douai,Musee de la Chartreuse
33226 Promenade  Promenade   mk85
676 The Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli near Assisi  The Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli near Assisi   1909 The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
54256 The Clearing  The Clearing   mk235 c.1906/07 Oil on canvas 162x130cm
54189 The Golden Isles  The Golden Isles   mk235 1891/92 Oil on canvas 59x54cm
11579 The Head of Hair  The Head of Hair   ca 1892 2' x 1' 6''(61 x 46 cm)
11572 The Iles d'Or  The Iles d'Or   Iles d'Hyeres,1892 1' 11 1/4'' x 1' 9 1/4''(59 x 54 cm)
11581 The Shipwrech  The Shipwrech   1906-1907(Salon des Independants,1911) 1' 6'' x 1' 9 3/4''(46 x 55 cm)Gift of Mrs.Ginette Signac,1976
54260 Undergowth  Undergowth   mk235 1906/07 Oil on canvas 58x70cm
678 Woman Combing her Hair  Woman Combing her Hair   1892 Musee d'Orsay, Paris

Henri Edmond Cross
1856-1910 French Henri Edmond Cross Locations French painter and printmaker. The only surviving child of Alcide Delacroix, a French adventurer and failed businessman, and the British-born Fanny Woollett, he was encouraged as a youth to develop his artistic talent by his father cousin, Dr Auguste Soins. He enrolled in 1878 at the Ecoles Academiques de Dessin et d Architecture in Lille, where he remained for three years under the guidance of Alphonse Colas (1818-87). He then moved to Paris and studied with Emile Dupont-Zipcy (1822-65), also from Douai, whom he listed as his teacher when exhibiting at Salons of the early 1880s. His few extant works from this period are Realist portraits and still-lifes, painted with a heavy touch and sombre palette (example in Douai, Mus. Mun.).

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