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60134 a roman woman using a plectrum on a form of lyre  a roman woman using a plectrum on a form of lyre   mk270 a roman woman using a plectrum on a form of lyre
67479 john brown pa vag till sin avrattning  john brown pa vag till sin avrattning   se
31993 Man on a Bench  Man on a Bench   mk77 1946 Oil on canvas 14x18in
60135 Music in Western Civilization.  Music in Western Civilization.   mk270 a 16th century ltalian depiction of a lyre, the shape of which has come to serve as a universal symbol for music in western civilization.
27170 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk52 1941 Oil on canvas on board 35.5x27.9cm Albright-Knox Art Gallery,Buffalo

Horace pippin
1888-1946 was a self-taught African-American painter who worked in a naive style. The injustice of slavery and American segregation figure prominently in many of his works. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Goshen, New York. There he attended segregated schools until he was 15, when he went to work to support his ailing mother.Pippin served in the 369th infantry in Europe during World War I, where he lost the use of his right arm. He said of his combat experience: His activity as a painter did not begin in earnest until 1930. One of his best-known paintings, his Self-portrait of 1941, shows him seated in front of an easel, cradling his brush in his right hand (he used his left arm to guide his injured right arm when painting). His painting of John Brown Going to his Hanging (1942) is in the collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Among Pippin's works are many genre paintings, such as the Domino Players (1943), in the Phillips Collection, Washington D.C., and several versions of Cabin in the Cotton.

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