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54428 Celestina  Celestina   mk235 1906 Oil on canvas
73558 Dwarf Gregorio  Dwarf Gregorio   Dwarf Gregorio cjr
75350 Dwarf Gregorio  Dwarf Gregorio   Dwarf Gregorio cyf
72562 Portrait of Anita Ramerez in Black  Portrait of Anita Ramerez in Black   Date ca. 1916(1916) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 190.8 X 130.8 cm (75.12 X 51.5 in) cyf
71413 Portrait of Anita Ramxrez in Black  Portrait of Anita Ramxrez in Black   ca. 1916(1916) Oil on canvas 190.8 x 130.8 cm (75.12 x 51.5 in

Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta
July 26, 1870 - October 31, 1945 Spanish Basque painter. He studied in Paris in 1891, coming under the influence of Impressionism and of the group of Catalan painters around Santiago Rusieol. His visit to Andalusia in 1892 provided the key to his later work, leading him to replace the grey tonalities of his Paris paintings with more brightly coloured images of Spanish folkloric subjects and of male or female figures in regional dress, for example Merceditas (1911/13; Washington, DC, N.G.A.). Zuloaga turned to Castilian subjects in works such as Segoviano and Toreros de Pueblo (both 1906; both Madrid, Mus. A. Contemp.) after the defeat suffered by Spain in the Spanish-American War of 1898; like the group of writers known as the Generation of 98, with whom he was associated and who were among his most articulate supporters, he sought to encourage the regeneration of his country culture but with a critical spirit..

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