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41337 A Girl Asleep  A Girl Asleep   mk161 Oil on canvas
780 A Lady and Two Gentlemen  A Lady and Two Gentlemen   1659-60 31" x 26" (78 x 68 cm) Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Brunswick
812 A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal  A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal   1673-75 20.28 x 17.95 inches / 51.5 x 45.6 cms National Gallery, London
43213 A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal  A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal   mk170 circa 1670 Oil on canvas 51.5x45.5cm
43214 A Young Woman Standing at a Virginal  A Young Woman Standing at a Virginal   mk170 circa 1670 Oil on canvas 51.7x45.2cm
815 Christ and the Women of Samaria  Christ and the Women of Samaria   1580-82 Art History Museum, Vienna
45501 Christ in Maria and Marta  Christ in Maria and Marta   mk186 1654-56 Edinburgh, nationally Gallery of Scotland
814 Christ in the House of Mary and Martha  Christ in the House of Mary and Martha   1654-55 63" x 56" (160 x 141 cm) National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh
784 Diana and her Companions  Diana and her Companions   1655-56 41" x 39" (105 x 98.5 cm) Mauritshuis, The Hague
779 Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window  Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window   1657 Gemaldegalerie, Dresden
783 Girl with a Pearl Earring  Girl with a Pearl Earring   1665 17 1/2 x 15 3/8 in (44.5 x 39 cm) Mauritshuis, The Hague
781 Lady with her Maidservant  Lady with her Maidservant   1667-68 35 1/2 x 31 in. (90.2 x 78.7 cm) Frick Collection, New York
778 The Astronomer  The Astronomer   1668 The Louvre, Paris
785 The Geographer  The Geographer   1668-69 21" x 18" (53 x 46 cm) Stadelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt
813 The Glass of Wine  The Glass of Wine   1658-60 30" x 26" (77 x 65 cm) Staatliche Museen, Berlin
55747 The Kitchen Maid  The Kitchen Maid   mk244 c.1658-1660 Oil on canvas
45551 The milk ausgiebende cake lass  The milk ausgiebende cake lass   mk186 1658 Amsterdams, Rijksmuseum
788 The Milkmaid  The Milkmaid   1658-60 17 7/8 x 16 1/8 in. (45.5 x 41 cm) Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
811 The Music Lesson-o  The Music Lesson-o   1662-65 74.6 x 64.1 cm Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
782 View of Delft  View of Delft   1660-1661 38 x 45 9/16 in (96.5 x 115.7 cm) Mauritshuis, The Hague
787 Woman Holding a Balance  Woman Holding a Balance   1664 40.3 x 35.6 cm (15 7/8 x 14 in.) National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
41526 Woman Reading a Letter  Woman Reading a Letter   mk164 c.1632-64 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
41336 Woman with a Jug  Woman with a Jug   mk161 Oil on canvas
786 Young Girl with a Flute  Young Girl with a Flute   1666-67 7.8 X 7.1" (20 X 18 cm) National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

1632-1675 Johannes (or Jan) Vermeer is now recognized as one of the great Dutch painters, but while he was alive he could barely make ends meet, and his artistic achievement was almost entirely ignored for 200 years after his death. Little is known about his personal life, other than he died poor and young and left behind a wife and eleven children. Vermeer is admired for his realistic style, his subtle use of color and light and his unusual and inventive brush technique, but fewer than forty of his paintings exist. His most famous works include domestic scenes such as Girl With a Peal Earring (1665) and The Music Lesson (1662-65), and tranquil landscapes such as The Little Street (1657-58) and View of Delft (1659-60). Although his actual birth and death dates are unknown, Vermeer was baptized 31 October 1632 and buried 15 December 1675... During his career he used the names Johannes van der Meer, Johannes Vermeer and Jan Vermeer... He was played by actor Colin Firth in the 2003 film Girl With A Pearl Earring, which also starred Scarlett Johansson as the girl.

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