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79009 A Student  A Student   1757 Medium Oil on canvas cyf
1879 A Young Man in a Hat  A Young Man in a Hat   1750's The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
79865 Claude Henri Watelet.  Claude Henri Watelet.   salon de 1765 Medium Oil on canvas cyf
1880 Head of a Young Girl  Head of a Young Girl   1777 The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
74226 Inconsolable Widow  Inconsolable Widow   Date before 1763 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 40 X 32 cm (15.75 X 12.6 in) cyf
71595 l accordee de village  l accordee de village   Date 1761(1761) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 92 x 117 cm (36.22 x 46.06 in)
83686 L enfant a la colombe  L enfant a la colombe   Oil on canvas Dimensions 64,4 x 53,3 cm cyf
21903 L'Accordee du Village (mk08)  L'Accordee du Village (mk08)   1761 Oil on canvas 90x118cm Paris,Musee National du Louvre
40588 L-Accordee de Village  L-Accordee de Village   mk176 1761 Oil on canvas 92x117cm
71035 la petit paresseux  la petit paresseux   mk289 montpellier musee fabre
1882 Louis-Francois Robin  Louis-Francois Robin   1794
77339 Portrait of a Lady  Portrait of a Lady   Date ca. 1786(1786) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 61 ?? 50.4 cm (24 ?? 19.8 in) cyf
78488 Portrait of a Lady  Portrait of a Lady   . 1773(1773) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 49.6 x 39.3 cm (19.5 x 15.5 in) cyf
81606 Portrait of Count Stroganov as a Child  Portrait of Count Stroganov as a Child   1778(1778) Medium Oil Dimensions Unknown cyf
40589 Portrait of Countess Ekaterina Shuvalova  Portrait of Countess Ekaterina Shuvalova   mk156 c.1770 Oil on canvs 60x50cm
20750 Portrait of the Artist (mk05)  Portrait of the Artist (mk05)   Wood 25 1/2 x 20 1/2''(65 x 52 cm)Bequest of Dr Louis La Caze 1869
62844 Septimius Severus and Caracalla  Septimius Severus and Caracalla   1769 Oil on canvas, 124 x 160 cm Musee du Louvre, Paris This painting by Greuze is frankly Poussin-like. The artist wished to be recognized as a history painter; he chose an obscure subject to illustrate: Septimius Severus Roman emperor (146e11) reproaches his son, Caracalla for trying to assasinate him. Varied emotions are at work within it: from Caracalla's angry shame to the surprise of the chamberlain, Castor, at the emperor's recklessly heroic gesture which is at once a challenge and a rebuke. Artist: GREUZE, Jean-Baptiste Title: Septimius Severus and Caracalla Date: 1751-1800 French , painting : historical
24271 Silence (mk25)  Silence (mk25)   1759
42729 The benefactress  The benefactress   MK169 1775 Cloth 114x147cm
56123 the guitar player  the guitar player   mk247 1755 to 60 oil on canvas,27.75x22 in,71x56 cm,musee des beaux-arts,nantes,france
1878 The Guitarist  The Guitarist   c1760
21902 The Lamentation of Time Passing (mk08)  The Lamentation of Time Passing (mk08)   c.1775 Oil on canvas 79x61cm Munich,Bayerische Staatsgemaldesamm-lungen,Alte Pinakothek
20749 The Paternal Curse or and Ungrateful Son (mk05)  The Paternal Curse or and Ungrateful Son (mk05)   Canvas 51 1/4 x 64''(130 x 162 cm)Acquired in 1820 INV
20751 The Punishment of Filial Ingratitude (mk05)  The Punishment of Filial Ingratitude (mk05)   Canvas 51 1/4 x 64 1/4''(130 x 163 cm)Acquired in 1820 INV
1877 The Spoiled Child  The Spoiled Child   1765 The Hermitage, St.Petersburg
45691 The Verwohnte child  The Verwohnte child   mk186 1765 St. Peter castles, Eremitage
20754 The Village Betrothal (mk05)  The Village Betrothal (mk05)   Canvas 36 1/4 x 46''(92 x 117 cm)Salon of 1761;acquired for the collection of Louis XVI in 1782 INV
28473 Tournus  Tournus   mk60 1805 Oil on canvas 26x22"
67871 Young Girl Weeping for her Dead Bird  Young Girl Weeping for her Dead Bird   Current location Louvre
75154 Young Girl Weeping for her Dead Bird  Young Girl Weeping for her Dead Bird   Title Young Girl Weeping for her Dead Bird Date c. 1759 cyf
1881 Young Woman in a White Hat  Young Woman in a White Hat   1780 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
28748 Young Woman Seen from the Back  Young Woman Seen from the Back   mk61 Oil on canvas 46x38cm

Jean Baptiste Greuze
1725-1805 French Jean Baptiste Greuze Galleries French painter and draughtsman. He was named an associate member of the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, Paris, in 1755 on the strength of a group of paintings that included genre scenes, portraits and studies of expressive heads (t?tes d'expression). These remained the essential subjects of his art for the next 50 years, except for a brief, concentrated and unsuccessful experiment with history painting in the late 1760s, which was to affect his later genre painting deeply. Though his art has often been compared with that of Jean-Simeon Chardin in particular and interpreted within the context of NEO-CLASSICISM in general, it stands so strikingly apart from the currents of its time that Greuze's accomplishments are best described, as they often were by the artist's contemporaries, as unique. He was greatly admired by connoisseurs, critics and the general public throughout most of his life. His pictures were in the collections of such noted connoisseurs as Ange-Laurent de La Live de Jully, Claude-Henri Watelet and Etienne-Francois, Duc de Choiseul. For a long period he was in particular favour with the critic Denis Diderot, who wrote about him in the Salon reviews that he published in Melchior Grimm's privately circulated Correspondance litteraire. His reputation declined towards the end of his life and through the early part of the 19th century, to be revived after 1850, when 18th-century painting returned to favour, by such critics as Th?ophile Thore, Arsene Houssaye and, most notably, Edmond and Jules de Goncourt in their book L'Art du dix-huiti?me siecle. By the end of the century Greuze's work, especially his many variations on the Head of a Girl, fetched record prices, and his Broken Pitcher (Paris, Louvre) was one of the most popular paintings in the Louvre. The advent of modernism in the early decades of the 20th century totally obliterated Greuze's reputation. It was only in the 1970s, with Brookner's monograph, Munhall's first comprehensive exhibition of the artist's work, increased sale prices, important museum acquisitions and fresh analyses of his art by young historians, that Greuze began to regain the important place that he merits in the history of French art of the 18th century.

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