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41449 A Herd of Bison Crossing the Missouri River  A Herd of Bison Crossing the Missouri River   mk160 1863 Oil on canvas 36x72 Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Trust Fund
43831 Hector Exposed on the Banks of the Xanthus River  Hector Exposed on the Banks of the Xanthus River   Oil on canvas, 244 x 180 cm
26688 Jean-Baptiste Deshays  Jean-Baptiste Deshays   mk53 c.1763 sketch, oil on canvas 104x62cm Douai,Musee de la Chartreuse
96576 John VI of Portugal  John VI of Portugal   1816(1816) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 62 X 53 cm cyf
89590 Pygmalion et Galatee  Pygmalion et Galatee   18e sixcle Medium oil on canvas cjr
89150 The Flight into Egypt  The Flight into Egypt   second half of 18th century Medium Oil sketch on paper cyf

Jean-Baptiste Deshays
French Baroque Era Painter, 1729-1765 was a French painter of religious and mythological subjects.His first training was under his father, the minor Rouen painter Jean-Dominique Deshays, he then spent a little time under Jean-Baptiste Descamps at his Ecole Gratuite de Dessin. He spent time in Hyacinthe Collin de Vermont's Paris studio from around 1740 to 1749 and Jean Restout II's from late 1749 to 1751. Both these had been pupils of Jean Jouvenet, and painted in the Grand Style of French history painting, a style Deshays adopted as his own. While he was in Restout's studio, Deshays entered the Prix de Rome competition, winning second prize in 1750 with His 1750 Laban Giving his Daughter in Marriage to Jacob won the second prize in the Grand Prix de Rome, and his 1751 Job on the Dung-hill the first prize. Deshays served the compulsory three years training at the Ecole des Eleves Prot??g??s (where he learnt from Carle van Loo, its director, and attracted some religious commissions, including two vast canvases, a Visitation and an Annunciation, for the monastery of the Visitation at Rouen), before going to Rome.

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