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80434 At the caster's (1886), by Jean-Francois Raffaelli  At the caster's (1886), by Jean-Francois Raffaelli   At the caster's (1886), by Jean-François Raffaëlli, oil on canvas, 1m28 x 1m16, Musxe des Beaux-Arts, Lyon. The painting shows the caster Eugxne Gonon (on the left) supervising the casting of the high-relief Mirabeau replying to Dreux-Brxzx by Jules Dalou. A plaster clast of this sculpture was exhibited at the Salon of 1883. The bronze is now at the Palais Bourbon in Paris. cjr
54096 Fisherman on the Bank of The Seine  Fisherman on the Bank of The Seine   mk235 25.7x35.6cm Oil on canvas
20791 Guests Attending the Wedding (san09)  Guests Attending the Wedding (san09)   1' 8 3/4"x2' 3"(52.5x68.5cm) Gift of CHarles Hayem.1898
11487 Guests Attending the Wedding(Before 1898)  Guests Attending the Wedding(Before 1898)   1' 8 3/4'' x 2' 3''(52.5 x 68.5 cm) Gift of Charles Hayem,1898
54089 House on the Banks of the Oise  House on the Banks of the Oise   mk235 65x85cm Oil on canvas
25165 La Charmeuse negre (mk32)  La Charmeuse negre (mk32)   huile sur toile signee et datee 1877 60 x 92 cm Anc Maitres Champin Lombrail dt Gautier Enghien
92873 Le pere Alcazin a Honfleur, vieux sauveur.  Le pere Alcazin a Honfleur, vieux sauveur.   c. 1850-1875 Medium oil on cardboard Dimensions 36 X 31.3 cm (14.2 X 12.3 in) cjr
11486 Notre-Dame de Paris  Notre-Dame de Paris   Salon of 1896 2' 3 3/4'' x 2' 7 3/4''(70.5 x 80.5 cm)
54061 The Absinth Driken  The Absinth Driken   mk235 1881 Oil on canvas 110.2x110.2cm
39466 The Absinthe Drinders  The Absinthe Drinders   mk145 a friend of Degas
11484 The Old Convalescents  The Old Convalescents   salon of 1892 4' 8'' x 3' 7 3/4''(142 x 111cm)
20794 The old Convalescents (san10)  The old Convalescents (san10)   4'8"x3' 7 3/4" (142x111cm)
54088 Waiting Wedding Guest  Waiting Wedding Guest   mk235 1884 Oil on panel 52.5x68.5cm
38175 Woman in a White Dressing Grown  Woman in a White Dressing Grown   mk29 c.1898 Oil on canvas 34.9x53.9cm

Jean-Francois Raffaelli
French, 1850-1924 was a French realist painter, sculptor, and printmaker who exhibited with the Impressionists. He was also active as an actor and writer. He was born in Paris, and showed an interest in music and theatre before becoming a painter in 1870. One of his landscape paintings was accepted for exhibition at the Salon in that same year. In October 1871 he began three months of study under Jean-Leon Gerôme at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris; he had no other formal training. Raffaëlli produced primarily costume pictures until 1876, when he began to depict the people of his time particularly peasants, workers, and rag-pickers seen in the suburbs of Paris in a realistic style.

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