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27318 A Horse and Trap on the York Road  A Horse and Trap on the York Road   oil on canvas 5 1/2 by 7 in 14 by 17.8 cm
89617 Jeune femme dans un paysage  Jeune femme dans un paysage   Medium oil on canevas cyf
27304 Margrave Winner of the st Leger  Margrave Winner of the st Leger   1831 signed and inseribed Margrave 1832 and dated 1834-oil on canvas 9 x 12 in ??22.8 x 30.5 cm?? Provenance Vicar Brothers,London. (mk59)
73749 The Kill  The Kill   "The Kill," oil painting, John Frederick Herring, Sr. cjr
75699 The Kill  The Kill   English: "The Kill," oil painting, John Frederick Herring, Sr. Date ca. 1850 cyf
37807 The Man and horse  The Man and horse   sn02 Oil on canvas
27310 The Racehorse 'Mulatto' in A Stall  The Racehorse 'Mulatto' in A Stall   signed and dated 1828-oil on canvas 15 x 19 in (38.1 x 48.2 cm) (mk59)
28011 The Start of the 1844 'Dirty' Derby  The Start of the 1844 'Dirty' Derby   1844 Oil on canvas 102.9 x 209.6 cm (40 1/2 x 82 1/2in) Brodick Castle,Isle of Arran (mk63)
97554 Thomas Dawson and His Family  Thomas Dawson and His Family   1842(1842) Medium oil on canvas cyf
27457 Three Horses in A stable,Feeding From a Manger  Three Horses in A stable,Feeding From a Manger   signed and dated 1847 Oil on canvas 17 1/2 by 23 1/2 in 44.5 by 59.7 cm (mk59)
27459 Watering The Horses and Farmyard Companions:a Pair of Paintings  Watering The Horses and Farmyard Companions:a Pair of Paintings   each signed Oil on panel each:8 by 10 in 20.3 by 25.4 cm (mk59)

John Frederick Herring
British 1795-1865 was a painter, sign maker and coachman in Victorian England.John F. Herring, Sr. is the painter of the 1848 "Pharoah's Chariot Horses" (archaic spelling "Pharoah"). He amended his signature "SR" (senior) in 1836, with the growing fame of his teenage son John Frederick Herring, Jr.Herring, born in London in 1795, was the son of a London merchant of Dutch parentage, who had been born overseas in America. The first eighteen years of Herring's life were spent in London, England, where his greatest interests were drawing and horses.In the year 1814, at the age of 18, he moved to Doncaster in the north of England, arriving in time to witness the Duke of Hamilton's "William" win the St. Leger Stakes horserace. By 1815, Herring had married Ann Harris; his sons John Frederick Herring, Jr., Charles Herring, and Benjamin Herring were all to become artists, while his two daughters, Ann and Emma, both married painters. In Doncaster, England, Herring was employed as a painter of inn signs and coach insignia on the sides of coaches,and his later contact with a firm owned by a Mr. Wood led to Herring's subsequent employment as a night coach driver. Herring spent his spare time painting portraits of horses for inn parlors, and he became known as the "artist coachman" (at the time).Herring's talent was recognized by wealthy customers, and he began painting hunters and racehorses for the gentry. In 1830, John Frederick Herring, Senior left Doncaster for Newmarket, England, where he spent three years before moving to London, England. During this time, Herring might have received tuition from Abraham Cooper. In London, Herring experienced financial difficulties and was given financial assistance by W. T. Copeland, who commissioned many paintings, including some designs used for the Copeland Spode bone china. In 1840-1841, Herring visited Paris, painting several pictures, on the invitation of the Duc d'Orleans.

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