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62360 Assumption of the Virgin  Assumption of the Virgin   237 x 169 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid Despite his training with Juan Carre?o de Miranda, Cabezalero had a distinct style from his master. His figures are drawn with crisp outlines and carefully modelled with firm, controlled brushstrokes, qualities that are different from the broken, impasto technique applied by Carre?o. These qualities are evident in one of his few surviving works, the Assumption of the Virgin, probably executed in the late 1660s and more indebted to Italian than Flemish sources
32940 Assumption ofthe Virgin  Assumption ofthe Virgin   mk84 ca.165-70 Madrid,Prado,canvas 237x169cm
52624 Portrait of Queen Mariana de Austria  Portrait of Queen Mariana de Austria   1678 Oil on canvas, 206 x 123,5 cm
52626 St James the Great in the Battle of Clavijo  St James the Great in the Battle of Clavijo   1660 Oil on canvas, 231 x 168 cm

Juan Martin Cabezalero
1633-1673 was a Spanish draftsman and painter. Born in Almaden, he studied under Juan Carreno de Miranda, court painter to Charles II of Spain; Cabezalero lived at Carreno de Miranda's house until 1666. Both he and Carreno were influenced by Van Dyck. Few works by Cabezalero have survived. His surviving works include his St Jerome (1666, Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas) and the Assumption of the Virgin (ca. 1670; Madrid, Prado). The latter had been formerly attributed to Mateo Cerezo, also a pupil of Carreno de Miranda. Antonio Palomino praises Cabezalero's modest, studious nature and laments that he died young.

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