All Julius L.Stewart 's Paintings
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37621 Five O-Clock Tea  Five O-Clock Tea   mk127 20x28
70127 La Toilette  La Toilette   Description Julius Leblanc Stewart La Toilette 1905.jpeg English: La Toilette
70128 Nude in an Interior  Nude in an Interior   Description Julius Leblanc Stewart Nude in an Interior
70126 Nymphs Hunting or Hunting  Nymphs Hunting or Hunting   English: Nymphs Hunting or Hunting Français : Chasseresses
70129 Rio della Maddalena  Rio della Maddalena   Description Julius Leblanc Stewart Rio della Maddalena
70130 View Of Venice  View Of Venice   English: View Of Venice

Julius L.Stewart
American Painter, 1855-1919 American artist, was born in Philadelphia. His father, William Hood Stewart, was a distinguished collector of the fine arts, an early patron of Fortuny and the Barbizon artists, and lived in Paris during the latter part of his life. The son was a pupil of JL Gerome, at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and of Raymondo de Madrazo. Among his principal paintings are The Hunt Ball, Essex Club, Newark, New Jersey.

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