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79752 Assumption of the Virgin  Assumption of the Virgin   Oil on canvas, 192 x 115 cm Date 1583(1583) cjr
69732 Christ with the Symbols of the Passion  Christ with the Symbols of the Passion   oil on canvas painting by Lavinia Fontana, 1576, El Paso Museum of Art
30535 Family Portrait  Family Portrait   mk68 Oil on canva 33 1/2"x41 1/2" Milan,Brera Gallery c.1600 Italy
58420 Gentleman Portrait  Gentleman Portrait   mk261 Bologna 1579 oil on canvas 93.5 x 74.5 cm
79751 Holy Family with Saints  Holy Family with Saints   Oil on canvas, 127 x 104.1 cm Date 1578(1578) cjr
83694 Holy Family with Saints  Holy Family with Saints   Oil on canvas, 127 x 104.1 cm Date 1578(1578) cyf
93453 Judith and Holofernes.  Judith and Holofernes.   Oil on canvas; 175,9 x 134,1 cm. cjr
89358 Judith with the head of Holofernes.  Judith with the head of Holofernes.   oil on canvas cjr
72077 Minerva dressing  Minerva dressing   1613(1613) Oil on canvas
73601 Minerva dressing  Minerva dressing   Date 1613(1613) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
29885 Noli Me Tangere  Noli Me Tangere   mk67 Oil on canvas 31 1/2x25 13/16in Uffizi,Gallery
67386 portratt av familjen gozzadini  portratt av familjen gozzadini   1584 se
87022 Ritratto di ragazza  Ritratto di ragazza   between 1580(1580) and 1583(1583) Medium Oil on metal Dimensions 10 cm (diameter) cyf
58421 Self portrait  Self portrait   mk261 Bologna canvas 15.7 centimeters in diameter
30068 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk67 Oil on copper
30523 Self-Portrait  Self-Portrait   mk68 Oil on wood 10 3/4x9 3/4"
26761 Self-Portrait in the Studiolo  Self-Portrait in the Studiolo   mk52 1579 Oil on copper,diameter 15.7cm Uffizi,Florence
42003 The consagracion to the Virgin one  The consagracion to the Virgin one   mk166 1599 I Wave on cloth 280x186cm Museum of Fine Arts Marseulla

Lavinia Fontana
Italian Painter, 1552-1614 Daughter of Prospero Fontana. She was trained by her father and followed his Mannerist style. Her first recorded works, which date from 1575, were small paintings for private devotion, such as the Holy Family (Dresden, Gemeldegal.). By 1577 she had become established as a portrait painter in Bologna. Works of this date include the Self-portrait at the Harpsichord (Rome, Gal. Accad. S Luca) and the portrait of Senator Orsini (Bordeaux, Mus. B.-A.). Her portrait style reflects the formality of central Italian models as well as the naturalistic tendencies of the north Italian tradition. The elegantly costumed Orsini is shown seated at a table, with a suite of rooms opening behind him, a setting recalling such Florentine portraits of the 1530s as Agnolo Bronzino's Bartolommeo Panciatichi (Florence, Uffizi). Lavinia used a similar setting for other portraits, including the Gozzadini Family (1584; Bologna, Pin. N.). Female sitters are also shown in elaborate dress, with particular attention paid to details of embroidery and jewels, and they are often accompanied by small dogs

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