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84225 Arrest of Major Davel  Arrest of Major Davel   Medium Oil on canvas cyf
26685 Head of Flora  Head of Flora   mk53 1769 print in the pastel manner 41.8x33.6cm Washington,National Gallery of Art,
41152 The Broken Fan  The Broken Fan   mk157 c.1780

Louis-Marin Bonnet
French, 1736 - 1793 French engraver and publisher. He came from a family of artisans and owed his training in engraving to his brother-in-law, the engraver Louis Legrand (1723-1808). Through Legrand, Bonnet became the pupil of Jean-Charles Francois in 1756, a year before the latter discovered the CRAYON MANNER technique of engraving, designed to reproduce the effect of a coloured-chalk drawing. Around the end of 1757 Bonnet used the new technique to engrave a Cupid after Francois Eisen. Gilles Demarteau, a rival of Jean-Charles Francois

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