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90522 Landscape with Hunters  Landscape with Hunters   Oil on canvas, 86 x 141 cm cyf
88266 Panoramic River Landscape  Panoramic River Landscape   Oil on panel, 42 x 65 cm cjr
90529 Wooded Landscape  Wooded Landscape   Oil on panel, 74 x 80 cm 1648 cjr

Lucas van Uden
(18 October 1595 - 4 November 1672) was a Flemish Baroque painter specializing in landscapes. Lucas van Uden was born in Antwerp, where he entered the guild of St. Luke in 1626-27. Although he was never part of Peter Paul Rubens's studio, his works are partly indebted to that master. Van Uden even made copies of Rubens's works on several occasions. His technique, however, owes as much to earlier painters like Joos de Momper and Jan Brueghel the Elder. General characteristics are a tonally-green recessive view punctuated by slender trees and populated by incidental pastoral and peasant figures. Many of Van Uden's figures were either copied from Rubens or painted by David Teniers the Younger. He is often associated with fellow landscape painter Jan Wildens.

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