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52052 St. Veronica with the Holy Kerchief  St. Veronica with the Holy Kerchief   c. 1420 Tempera on oak, 78 x 48 cm
51056 The Man of Sorrow with the Virgin and St Catherine  The Man of Sorrow with the Virgin and St Catherine   1400-20 Panel, 41 x 24 cm
32425 Triptych  Triptych   1400-15 Tempera on wood, 58,9 x 39,5 cm
63703 Triptych  Triptych   1410 Panel, 70 x 16 cm (each wing) Heinz Kisters Collection, Kreuzlingen It is unusual for the decoration on the backs of the wings to play an important thematic role in the visual programme of a triptych like this, but it does so in this case. When the triptych is closed one is presented with a moving depiction of Christ carrying the Cross, painted on a layer of red which was usually the support for gold leaf. Here the central motif has been isolated from the theme of the Carrying the Cross, which was of crucial importance for Late Medieval devotion. Having been isolated from the narrative, the image of the cross-bearing Christ acquires a validity unconnected with time or place.Artist:MASTER of Saint Veronica Title: Triptych (closed) Painted in 1401-1450 , German - - painting : religious

MASTER of Saint Veronica
German Gothic Era Painter, active ca.1395-1420

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