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8228 Lady Playing the Lute stg  Lady Playing the Lute stg   1648 Oil on canvas National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin
67679 olof rudbeck  olof rudbeck   1648-1736 se
8227 The Family of Willem Van Der Does s  The Family of Willem Van Der Does s   Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Antwerp

Dutch Baroque Era Painter, ca.1614-1670 Nephew of Daniel Mijtens I. He was the son of Daniel's elder brother David, a saddle-maker in The Hague. Jan may have learnt to paint from his uncle Isaac Mijtens. After 1634 he may have trained with his uncle Daniel, who had by then returned to The Hague; Jan married Daniel's daughter Anna in 1642. In 1639 he had been admitted to The Hague's guild of painters, of which he became a governor in 1656. In the latter year he helped to found the painters' society De Pictura; from 1667-8 he was a governor of this society and from 1669-70 its dean.

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