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70867 Abundantia  Abundantia   Medium Oil on canvas
19255 Abundantia: The Gifts of the Earth  Abundantia: The Gifts of the Earth   1870 Mus??e d'Orsay, Paris
19254 Abundantia: The Gifts of the Sea  Abundantia: The Gifts of the Sea   1870 Mus??e d'Orsay, Paris.
86294 An Egyptian Princess  An Egyptian Princess   Oil on panel, Private Collection Date 1875(1875) cyf
19256 Portrait of a Lady  Portrait of a Lady   Oil on panel The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.
29346 Portrait of a Lady  Portrait of a Lady   mk65 Oil on panel 47x31 1/2"
81729 Portrat Dora Fournier  Portrat Dora Fournier   Deutsch: Öl auf Holz Dimensions 145.5 x 93 cm (57.3 x 36.6 in) cyf
41221 The Plague in Florence  The Plague in Florence   mk157 1868 Oil on canvas 103x204.5cm

Makart, Hans
Austrian Academic Painter, 1840-1884 Austrian painter. He studied (1860-65) at the Akademie in Munich under the history painter Karl Theodor von Piloty whose influence is evident in Makart's Death of Pappenheim (1861; Vienna, Hist. Mus.). Makart visited London and Paris in 1862 and Rome in 1863. The Papal Election (1863-5; Munich, Neue Pin.) reveals Makart's skill in the bold use of colour to convey drama as well as his virtuoso draughtsmanship. Two decorative triptychs, Modern Cupids (1868; Vienna, Zentsparkasse), and the Plague in Florence (1868; Schweinfurt, Samml. Schefer), brought Makart both fame and disapproval (mostly because they lacked a literary original) when exhibited in Munich in 1868. His plan for the second work

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