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63862 Legend of St Ursula  Legend of St Ursula   1475-82 Oil on oak panel, 47,5 x 30 cm (each scene), 59 x 18,5 cm (Annunciation) Groeninge Museum, Bruges When closed the panels show grisailles with the four evangelists, John (chalice and eagle), Matthew (pen and angel), Luke (paintbrush, portrait of the Virgin, ox), Mark (pen, book and lion) and the four Doctors of the Church: Jerome (as cardinal, with book and lion), Gregory (cope, tiara, book), Augustine (cope, mitre, stag), Ambrose (cope, mitre, book). When closed the panels of Synagogue and Church show the Annunciation in grisaille. An Annunciation similar even in the details was made by the same painter on the exterior of a triptych with Virgin Enthroned (Dresden).Artist:MASTER of the Legend of St. Ursula Title: Legend of St Ursula (closed) Painted in 1451-1500 , Flemish - - painting : religious
71551 Portrait of a young woman  Portrait of a young woman   Date 1541(1541) Medium Oil on oak panel
92139 St Michael Fighting Demons  St Michael Fighting Demons   between 1480(1480) and 1500(1500) Medium Oil on oak panel with integrated frame Dimensions Height: 30 cm (11.8 in). Width: 19.5 cm (7.7 in). cyf
20026 Ursula Announces Her Pilgrimage to the Court of Her Father (mk05)  Ursula Announces Her Pilgrimage to the Court of Her Father (mk05)   Canvas,51 x 61''(129 x 155 cm)Transferred from the Musee de Cluny in 1896

Master of the Legend
active in Cologne ca 1490/1500 Austrian painter and woodcutter. He is named after two altarpiece wings with three scenes from the Legend of SS Cosmas and Damian: the Miraculous Healing of the Leg, A Husband Commending his Wife to the Saints and the Delivery of the False Message by the Devil (Vienna, Ksthist. Mus.). He is thought to have been the earliest disciple of Lucas Cranach the elder in Austria and to have been later influenced by both Albrecht Altdorfer and J?rg Breu the elder. His rather stately figures are in splayed-out, often affected poses, with the feet and knees twisted outwards, appearing almost dislocated.

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