All Maurice Braun 's Paintings
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36016 A Summer Evening  A Summer Evening   kr01 Oil on canvas 11x17inches
3102 Autumn in New England  Autumn in New England  
26607 Calfifornia Hills  Calfifornia Hills   mk51 1914 Oil on canvas 40x50inches
36012 California Valley Fram  California Valley Fram   kr01 c.1920 Oil on canvas 40x50inches
26530 La jolla,n.d.  La jolla,n.d.   mk51 Oil on canvas 24x36inches
36015 Land of Sunshine  Land of Sunshine   kr01 Oil on canvas 50x70inches
73681 Landscape by Maurice Braun  Landscape by Maurice Braun   Landscape by Maurice Braun cjr
3101 Point Loma Hillside  Point Loma Hillside  
36053 Road to the Canyan  Road to the Canyan   kr01 Oil on canvas 24x30inches
3100 Untitled  Untitled  
26545 Yosemite,Evening from Glacier Point,  Yosemite,Evening from Glacier Point,   mk51 c.1918 Oil on canvas 40x50inches

Maurice Braun
1877-1941 Maurice Braun (1877-1941) was an American artist who became known for wonderful Impressionist landscapes of southern California. He was born in Hungary on October 1, 1877, however by the age of four young Maurice and the Braun family had migrated to the United States and settled in New York City. His professional studies took him to the National Academy of Fine Arts where he studied the French tradition under Francis C. Jones, George W. Maynard and Edgar M. Ward. In 1901 Braun trained under the famous American painter William Merritt Chase (1849-1916). He established himself as a figure and portrait painter in New York City, but in 1909 he left for California where he was inspired and reveled in the new colors, forms, light and atmosphere of the region -- his paintings reflect a deep respect and appreciation for nature. Maurice Braun died in San Diego, California on November 7, 1941.

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