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81208 Portrait of a Man  Portrait of a Man   Date 18th century Medium Oil on canvas cjr
85240 Portrait of a Man  Portrait of a Man   18th century Medium Oil on canvas cyf
96358 Portrait of a Man  Portrait of a Man   18th century Medium oil on canvas cyf
81375 Portrait of Sawa Yakovlev  Portrait of Sawa Yakovlev   Date 1770- Medium Oil cyf

Mina Kolokolnikov
1708e-1775e) was a Russian painter and teacher. Kolokolnikov was born in the village of Kravotyn in Tver gubernia. He was a serf of the Pafnutievo-Borovsky Monastery, and learnt the art of portrait painting from Ivan Nikitich Nikitin and Louis Caravaque; he also studied icon painting with Vasily Vasilevsky. He is known to have assisted in the decoration of the palace at Tsarskoye Selo, and to have lived for a time in St. Petersburg, where one of his pupils was Trifon Anisimov. One of his portraits is in the Tver Regional Picture Gallery. He worked in the studio of Alexei Antropov; consequently, it is often difficult to tell Kolokolnikov's works from Antropov's, as both have very similar technique. Kolokolnikov's brothers Ivan and Fedot were also painters.

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